Coffee In The Workplace

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Coffee is one of the most popular drinks worldwide which is why many business owners have a coffee station in their office. It allows their employees to enjoy their favorite beverage at any time without having to leave the office. This informative guide provides you with details on the different types of coffee drinking that occurs in the workplace.

1. Morning Coffee

You'll notice that most of your employees drink a cup of coffee in the morning because they feel tired and need their caffeine fix of coffee to help them wake up. For others, drinking morning coffee may simply be a routine they follow because they enjoy the delicious taste of coffee. Regardless of the reason, a coffee station in the office allows your staff to enjoy their favorite beverages without having to visit a nearby coffee shop before starting their shift.

2. Afternoon Coffee

You may have employees that enjoy drinking coffee in the afternoon which makes it a great idea for your coffee bar to be easily accessible at all hours of the day. There are individuals that begin to feel sleepy after lunch and drink a cup of coffee because it provides them with an energy boost. Your team may also enjoy a hot drink after lunch because it's sweet and acts as a dessert.

3. Social Coffee

Social coffee drinking occurs at any time of the day and can happen multiple times a day. This type of coffee drinking provides your staff with the opportunity to enjoy a hot drink with co-workers and talk about their upcoming weekend plans or popular TV shows. Social coffee drinking also gives your team the opportunity to network with individuals in other departments and learn more about the company.

4. Downtime Coffee

Downtime coffee, also known as habit coffee, is the type of coffee drinking that occurs when your employees want a break from working. Your staff will prepare and drink their favorite beverages to get their mind off of work for a few minutes when they are tired or stressed. Similar to social coffee, downtime coffee drinking can happen at any time of the day.

5. Coffee Meetings

Having a coffee station in the workplace allows your employees to invite current or potential clients to the office and offer them a hot beverage. Most individuals don't drink coffee during meetings to quench their thirst or to provide them with energy. Instead, it's used as a way to start a conversation with clients and making them feel comfortable to have effective meetings.

Where In The Office Should A Coffee Station Be Located?

Deciding where to place a coffee station in your office may be challenging because you may have more than one area in your office where you can place a coffee bar. It's important to place a coffee station in an area that is easily accessible to all your employees and spacious to avoid clutter.

One location to consider installing a coffee machine is in the breakroom. Brewing a cup of coffee takes a few minutes and your employees will be able to socialize with others while waiting for their beverage. Breakrooms also tend to be in an area away from work stations allowing other staff members to continue working without distractions.

The office kitchen is another ideal location to install a coffee bar. You can conveniently place a coffee maker and condiments on top of a table or countertop. Many office kitchens include a sink where individuals can wash their mugs once they've finished enjoying their beverage.

What Supplies Do I Need For An Office Coffee Station?

It's important to have all the essentials needed to make a delicious beverage in your office coffee bar. You don't want to have your employees walking around the office looking for napkins or mugs and distracting others. To allow your staff to effortlessly brew a delicious cup of coffee, your new coffee station should have:

  • A coffee machine
  • Coffee
  • Milk
  • Creamers
  • Stirrers
  • Napkins
  • Coffee mugs or disposable coffee cups
  • Sweeteners (such as honey, sugar, or cinnamon)
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