Collection: Cutting Boards & Racks

Cutting boards take a beating in your kitchen day in and day out -- which is not great for the overall cleanliness and effectiveness of your kitchen. When it comes to the right cutting boards, you want something that’s as durable as it is easy to use and keep clean. That’s why Restaurantware offers quality commercial grade cutting boards and racks to help you slice, dice, chop and cube your foods and ingredients safely and productively.

Our cutting boards are specifically designed for maximum safety, durability, and success. Built with non-slip grip bottoms, these cutting boards won’t slide around when you slice up food. Moreover, their durable plastic surface makes them scratch resistant, keeping the boards smooth and clean longer, to avoid cross-contamination. We offer a varied selection of colors, to help sort the kind of cutting your kitchen will do -- red for raw meats and proteins, green for produce, and white for read-to-serve foods. Meanwhile, our stainless steel cutting board racks are built to store and keep boards clean and organized.

Restaurantware’s cutting boards and racks are made of quality materials, are sturdy, long-lasting, and will ensure a clean and efficiently run kitchen.