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  • Restaurant Supplies You Need This Holiday Season
    Restaurant Supplies You Need This Holiday Season

    Need holiday cheer? Be sure to read this post on supplies needed for the holidays to learn how to make your restaurant festive for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas.

  • Best Christmas Ideas For Your Restaurant
    Best Christmas Ideas For Your Restaurant

    Invite family, friends, and colleagues for a special night out at your restaurant with Santa and his elves. Find out how to manage the season transition into a winter wonderland with these Christmas ideas for restaurants.

  • Different types of seafood on table
    What Is Sustainably Sourced Seafood?

    The way we source our fish has a major impact on our environment. There are many ways to help sea life from underpopulating. Want to incorporate sustainable seafood options to your menu? Check out this guide to learn how. 

  • Dollar bills sticking out of wallet
    How Inflation Is Affecting The Food Industry

    Less supply, more demand, and higher prices. From ingredients to packaging materials, inflation is taking a hit on the food industry. Learn more about what's causing it and its overall impact on businesses and consumers.

  • Outdoor Dining Solutions This Winter
    Outdoor Dining Solutions This Winter

    Many restaurateurs will shut down their outdoor dining areas this winter due to the cold weather. Learn about the different winter outdoor dining solutions so you can keep customers warm while continuing to generate extra revenue.

  • Which Foods Affect Climate Change?
    Which Foods Affect Climate Change?

    It’s easy to overlook foods’ impact on the environment, especially since people pay more attention to pollution and gas emissions. Read to learn about the top foods that affect the climate in a positive and negative way. 

  • What Is The Forest Garden Approach?
    What Is The Forest Garden Approach?

    Have you heard about the Forest Garden Approach? Click to learn more about the innovative way Trees for the Future has created a sustainable way for food-insecure communities to grow, sell, and live off of their land.

  • Bitcoins scooped into clear container
    How To Use NFTs In Your Restaurant

    Paying in cash, credit, or crypto? Customers are not only paying for the real thing but digital versions too. Learn about the new role of NFTs and cryptocurrency within the foodservice industry and if it's the right move for you.

  • Grabbing a toxic water sample
    What Are PFAS?

    Have you ever heard about PFAS? These toxic chemicals are more accessible to contaminate us than you probably think. Click here to read this guide about what PFAS are, their health effects, and how to avoid them. 

  • How To Understand Food Nutrition Labels
    How To Understand Food Nutrition Labels

    Calories? Carbohydrates? Saturated fats? What exactly are these? These are the questions you’re asking yourself when reading food labels. Read our guide on food nutrition labels to learn about what you’re putting in your mouth. 


  • latte art
    How To Make Your Coffee Shop Instagram-Worthy

    Are you looking to make your coffee shop more Instagram-worthy but don't know where to start? From lighting to decor, this guide breaks down the tips and tricks to making your business a social media hotspot!

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