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  • Sensei Blue Damascus Steel 5.5" Steak Knife - 4 count box

    Blue Damascus Steel 5.5" Steak Knife

    10" x 1" x 1/2"
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    / 4 count box

As any experienced chef very well knows, a steak knife is more than just a knife. While they can be used as an all-purpose kitchen blade, steak knives need to be handled with care. They need to be sharpened more frequently than other blades, and they should never be used on a cutting board. Durability is key to a good steak knife, and Restaurantware is proud to offer professional steak knives that are not only durable, but effective in every way.

Our stainless steel steak knives are beautifully crafted with German steel, giving them a stain resistant and superior blade. The serrated blade makes for effortless slicing through finely cooked steak, chicken or pork chops, as well as for trimming fat off of meats, cubing cheese, slicing tomatoes, coring apples, and even cutting a freshly made hoagie in half.

The best steak knives have finely sharpened blades, convenient handling, and a clean, salient look. Restaurantware’s professional steak knives deliver all of that, and so much more.