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Boston, Massachusetts, steeped in rich history and brimming with cultural flair, stands as a beacon of American heritage and contemporary vibrancy. Embodying the essence of New England charm, Boston offers a kaleidoscope of experiences ranging from historic trails and architectural marvels to festive celebrations like the infamous Boston Marathon and the enchanting First Night on New Year’s Eve. Amidst cobblestone streets and the serene Boston Common, locals and visitors alike revel in a city that seamlessly melds the past with the present. In this ever-evolving cultural milieu, the demand for sophisticated and eco-conscious catering supplies is more pronounced than ever. Boston's eclectic gastronomy scene, ranging from seafood feasts to international cuisine, creates the perfect backdrop for Restaurantware's innovative and stylish products. With our array of eco-friendly, chic disposables and premium catering equipment, Restaurantware is poised to enhance the unique blend of festivities, environmental consciousness, and culinary delights in Boston, making every event an unforgettable experience.

Get Your Order In 3 Days

Boston’s event planners and restaurateurs can rejoice with Restaurantware’s fast, three-day delivery service. We understand the brisk pace and timely needs of the city’s lively event scene. Whether you're planning a grand wedding at a historic venue or a quaint gathering amidst Boston’s scenic beauty, our commitment is to ensure your supplies arrive swiftly and effortlessly, ready to capture the essence of your event.

Setting The Stage For Success

Navigating through Restaurantware's extensive online catalog is a breeze, offering everything from biodegradable tableware to elegant bar supplies at your fingertips. Boston's blend of traditional and modern elements calls for a distinct aesthetic, and our products are thoughtfully designed to cater to this unique style. Whether it’s a corporate event by the Charles River or a casual soirée in the Back Bay, our supplies promise to elevate the occasion.

The Importance Of Quality Catering Supplies

In a city where every event is a testament to Boston’s illustrious culture and heritage, the caliber of your catering supplies cannot be overlooked. Restaurantware is synonymous with quality and elegance, offering items that range from luxurious platters to sleek bamboo disposables. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your gatherings not only embrace Boston's rich traditions but also its forward-thinking ethos.

Disposable Tableware

Elevate your event tablescapes in Boston with our refined selection of disposable tableware, a blend of convenience and elegance that complements the city's grandiose galas and intimate gatherings alike.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Impress guests with choices that range from sleek, modern designs to classic, elegant looks, reflecting Boston's rich tapestry of history and innovation.

  • Eco-conscious Materials: Serve with sustainability in mind, using products made from compostable and recyclable materials, aligning with the city’s environmental initiatives.

  • Hassle-free Convenience: Simplify setup and cleanup at events, from bustling harbor festivals to serene garden weddings, with durable and disposable options.

Picks & Skewers

Bring a touch of sophistication to your culinary events with our versatile picks and skewers, perfect for presenting appetizers and cocktails with an elegant, creative flair.

  • Innovative Presentation: Elevate your food display, showcasing everything from New England's seafood delights to artisanal cheeses with stylish and functional picks.

  • Eco-friendly Selection: Choose from a variety of sustainable materials, supporting this historical city’s commitment to environmental responsibility at each event.

  • Multi-use Versatility: Perfect for upscale catered events, casual beach gatherings, or historical reenactments, our picks and skewers add a touch of elegance and convenience.


Complement every bite with our premium disposable flatware, blending seamlessly into Boston’s food scene, from waterfront dining to rooftop cocktail parties.

  • Elegant Designs: Match the sophistication of Boston's dining culture with sleek, contemporary, or classic flatware that enhances the dining experience.

  • Sustainability Focused: Reflect Boston’s green ethos with utensils made from biodegradable and compostable materials, suitable for any chic, eco-conscious gathering.

  • Exceptional Durability: Trust in the reliability of our utensils during lively Boston sports events or elegant art galas, ensuring a worry-free, enjoyable dining experience.

Disposable Drinkware

Toast to the cherished moments at Boston’s illustrious events with our drinkware, marrying convenience with style, from harbor cruises to Newbury Street fashion launches.

  • Sophisticated Selection: Choose from elegant flutes, sturdy tumblers, and stylish martini glasses that mirror the city’s diverse events landscape.

  • Environmentally Thoughtful: Embrace Boston’s sustainability efforts with recyclable and compostable drinkware options, perfect for any occasion.

  • Stress-free Enjoyment: Enjoy the festivities without the concern of breakages or lengthy clean-ups, whether it's a Beacon Hill garden party or a Fenway Park concert.

Straws & Stirrers

Accentuate every sip at Boston’s vibrant venues with our straws and stirrers, a small yet significant touch to the city’s bustling café culture and lively cocktail scenes.

  • Eco-friendly Elegance: Opt for biodegradable or recyclable materials, supporting Boston’s commitment to preserving its beautiful landscapes and seas.

  • Customizable Options: Personalize the drinking experience at corporate events or wedding receptions with customized colors or branding.

  • Versatile Utility: Serve a variety of beverages, from artisanal coffees to craft cocktails, ensuring guests enjoy their drinks just the way they like them.

Take Out Supplies

Support Boston’s dynamic food scene with our take out supplies that cater to the busy lifestyles of city dwellers, from quick service at historic sites to leisurely picnics on the Commons.

  • Durable And Dependable: Ensure food remains intact and at the optimal temperature with our sturdy and insulating take-out containers.

  • Sustainably Crafted: Align with the city’s environmental goals with containers made from compostable and recyclable materials.

  • Branding Opportunities: Customize packaging to boost your brand presence, whether you’re serving clam chowder near the harbors or vegan fare in the South End.

Disposable Coffee Cups

Infuse Boston’s coffee culture with our disposable coffee cups, ideal for early morning walks along the Charles River or cozy bookshop cafes in the city’s literary corners.

  • Insulated Designs: Keep your coffee hot during brisk Boston mornings or iced drinks cool during summer concerts at the Hatch Shell.

  • Eco-friendly Options: Choose cups that reflect Boston’s environmental consciousness with recyclable and compostable materials.

  • Customizable Charm: Personalize cups for Boston marathon runners or Red Sox fans, creating memorable experiences for every grab-and-go cup.

Napkins & Placemats

Accent any Boston table setting with our napkins and placemats, adding a touch of sophistication and cleanliness to citywide events, from historic commemorations to contemporary art fairs.

  • Elegant And Practical: Enhance the dining experience with designs that complement Boston’s aesthetic, from colonial elegance to modern chic.

  • Environmentally Responsible: Select eco-friendly materials, promoting sustainability at your event, in line with Boston’s green public spaces initiatives.

  • Easy Cleanup: Simplify after-event cleaning, allowing for more time to explore Boston’s night scene or its cultural landmarks.

Bakery Supplies

Sweeten every Boston occasion with our baking supplies, from Beacon Hill tea parties to South Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, providing the perfect pairing to the city’s beloved coffee culture.

  • Versatile Presentation: Showcase your pastries, from Boston cream pies to artisanal bread, with packaging that meets every bakery’s needs.

  • Eco-conscious: Use supplies made from compostable and recyclable materials, catering to Boston’s commitment to sustainability.

  • Custom Branding: Personalize your packaging, enhancing the visibility of your bakery at local farmers' markets or downtown eateries.

Serving Platters

serving platters, essential for infusing elegance serving platters, essential for infusing elegance and sophistication into every dining experience and helping your Boston-based establishment stand out.

  • Standout Presentations: Elevate dining experiences across Boston with our premium serving platters.

  • Exquisite Displays: Present your culinary creations with style and flair.

  • Versatile Selection: Choose from our diverse range of platters to suit any occasion, from formal dinners to casual gatherings.

Thermal Bags

Ensure your culinary delights remain fresh and delicious during transport with our dependable thermal bags, a crucial asset for Boston's bustling food scene. Featuring advanced insulation technology, Restaurantware's thermal bags maintain optimal temperatures, guaranteeing that your dishes arrive just as flavorful and delightful as when they left your kitchen.

  • Freshness Assurance: Stay ahead in Boston's vibrant food industry with our quality thermal bags.

  • Reliable Insulation: Keep your dishes at the perfect temperature, whether hot or cold.

  • Effortless Transport: Safeguard your culinary creations during delivery with ease and confidence.

Transform Your Boston Event Into A Landmark Occasion With Restaurantware

Embark on a journey with us to ensure your Boston event is a masterpiece of form, function, and sustainability. Our eclectic selection of high-quality, environmentally friendly items is designed to complement the unique spirit of Boston’s gatherings. With swift and reliable delivery, preparing for your event has never been easier. Elevate your event experience and craft moments that resonate with the heart of Boston's culture. Choose Restaurantware for an elegant, sustainable, and memorable event that leaves a lasting impression on all who attend.

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