Pastry Tek 3-Piece Metal Square Cookie Cutter Ring Mold Set 1 count box

Product Description

Give your cookies some angles with our Pastry Tek 3-Piece Metal Square Cookie Cutter Ring Mold Set. This set of square cookie cutters create eye-catching four-sided cookies for your guests to enjoy. With three cookie cutters included, this square cookie cutter set can create shortbread cookies, butter cookies, or sugar cookies in three different sizes. Nestle each cutter of this cookie cutter set into one another for quick and easy storage. The sturdy metal construction of this set of square metal cookie cutters cuts and molds perfect squares out of thick dough or food. This set of professional-grade nesting cookie cutters is great for restaurants, bakeries, and catering businesses. From smallest to largest, the length of these cutters are as follows: 5.2 inches, 6.1 inches, and 7.08 inches. Each order is sold with a set of 3 cookie cutters.

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Product Specs
Length (Inches)7.08
Width (Inches)7.08
Height (Inches)1.96
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