How Restaurants Can Celebrate Earth Day By Going Green

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Earth Day is a day to show our support for taking care of our planet. Earth Day marks the annual celebration of the environmental movement in recent decades and the need for more sustainable practices. Now more than ever, people are concerned with the well-being of the earth and are making more changes to their daily lives to be conscious of their impact on the environment.

From an increase in recycling and nature-friendly products to implementing green technology to minimizing carbon footprints, there are several ways everyone can make a difference when it comes to the planet. Celebrating Earth Day raises awareness on environmental issues, and what can be done to help. If your restaurant is looking to get involved this year on Earth Day, below are several promotions your business can use to encourage customers to take care of the planet.

Earth Day Restaurant Promotions

With the recent emphasis on going green, consumers are looking for ways to do their part in protecting the environment. To appeal to your customers and attract new ones to your restaurant, consider adding Earth Day promotions to your business. Advertising Earth Day promotions at your restaurant provide customers with easy ways to get involved.

Go Plastic Free For The Week

Earth Day is the best time to make the switch to non-plastic products. Plastic is known to take hundreds of years to break down after use and causes toxic pollution that harms our planet and wildlife. If you haven’t already started using recyclable or reusable products in your establishment, take some time to figure out where plastic is used the most. Take out containers, delivery bags, and disposable cutlery can easily be replaced with nature-friendly options.

Products made from plants, wood, or plant-based plastics will lessen your restaurant’s environmental impact. Replace your typical plastic products with recyclable options for the week or even permanently. Be sure to announce your switch to non-plastic products to your customers, they’ll appreciate the initiative taken by your restaurant to be more sustainable.

Waste-Free Week

It’s no secret that restaurants produce a lot of trash. To combat the environmental impact of overflowing landfills, consider going waste-free for the week. From leftover food waste to disposable cutlery, there are several components of your business that can be adjusted to be more sustainable. To be zero-waste, at least 90% of your establishment’s waste must be diverted from landfills, either through reusing, reducing, or recycling.

Go waste-free at your restaurant by:

  • Composting leftover food waste
  • Installing plastic-free water filters
  • Encouraging customers to bring their own reusable cups or to-go containers
  • Minimizing the number of perishable ingredients ordered
  • Offering smaller portion sizes
  • Using every part of the ingredient when preparing meals
  • Providing recycling bins for customers and staff
  • Shopping locally

Start A Recycling Program

Recycle today for a better tomorrow. The easiest way to go green at your restaurant is to start a recycling program for your customers. Recycling helps reduce landfill waste, conserves natural resources, saves energy, and prevents pollution. By simply setting up a recycling bin for customers around your restaurant’s dining area, you’ll be able to encourage guests to be environmentally conscious.

If you’re looking to promote recycling for Earth Day this year, try starting a recycling program at your restaurant. Customers can bring in a recyclable product in exchange for a free menu item, free drink, or a discounted menu item. Be sure to advertise your recycling program on your social media platforms, to spread the word to your customers. Take care of your customer’s recycling process after your promotion ends by gathering all your waste and taking it to a local recycling center.

#EarthDay Social Tag Takeover

Spread awareness on environmental issues this Earth Day by posting on your social media platforms. Create an Earth Day-inspired hashtag, and promote it on social media. Fill your social media platforms with Earth Day-related content and use your restaurant’s hashtag. Encourage customers to use your hashtag, tag your restaurant, and repost social media posts on Earth Day in exchange for a discounted menu item. You’ll incentivize customers to visit your restaurant while still spreading environmental awareness.

Discounts On Low-Impact Meals

Believe it or not, foods have a massive impact on the environment. Different farming practices, sourcing food from far away locations, deforestation, meat overconsumption, and other factors all contribute to more pollution and a decline in our planet’s natural resources. By making a small shift in the kinds of ingredients used at your restaurant, you’ll be able to contribute to a massive change in the environment. Low-impact foods are foods that have a minimal environmental footprint. Low-impact foods include:

  • Lentils
  • Beans
  • Figs
  • Organic Tofu
  • Tomatoes
  • Potatoes
  • Broccoli

This Earth Day, consider using low-impact ingredients in your menu. You might be surprised to find that some of your dishes are already filled with low-impact foods. Either way, encourage customers to be sustainable by offering a discount on low-impact meals on Earth Day. By offering low-impact meals at a discounted price, you’ll educate and encourage customers to make smarter choices for our planet with the meals they eat.

Support Local Farmers

Buying produce from local farmers is the best way to reduce your business’ carbon footprint. Shipping ingredients and produce from far away locations to your restaurant contributes to carbon emissions and pollution. By buying local, you’ll be able to support the farmers around your area, receive fresher produce faster, and do your part in helping out the planet.

Start small by stopping by at a local farmer’s market and getting to know the farms around your area. Replace typical ingredients found in your pantry with produce from local farms and incorporate seasonal ingredients into your menu. If you’re looking to do something special for Earth Day, offer a seasonal menu item with only ingredients from local farms, or highlight local farmers at your restaurant.

Compost Your Waste

Practicing eco-friendly standards at your restaurant can make a big difference on our planet. The waste produced from your restaurant might be the biggest contributor to your business’s environmental footprint. Investing in a composter is a great way to minimize your restaurant’s waste. Composters take any leftover waste, unused produce, or paper products and turn them into a natural fertilizer. By using a composter, you’ll be able to avoid any waste removal fees you normally pay for your business.

How To Go Green In Your Restaurant

Your restaurant can still do its part in taking care of the planet even after Earth Day is over. Now more than ever it’s important to get sustainable by incorporating eco-friendly practices into your day-to-day operations. If you’re looking to go green at your restaurant, below are several resources that make becoming eco-friendly easy:

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