5 Eco-Friendly Ways To Package Take Out Orders

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Want to know the best way to impress customers ordering carry out or delivery? It’s as simple as your food packaging! As topics of sustainability and reducing waste become more relevant, your restaurant should be looking into the benefits of switching to more sustainable and nature-friendly practices in your day-to-day operations. Your customers will value seeing the care your business takes in protecting the environment.

Typically, most take out containers and other food packaging are usually made with styrofoam or non-recyclable plastics. Over time, the waste caused by non-recyclable plastic will have damaging consequences on the environment. However, choosing food packaging made from eco-friendly materials is the perfect sustainable alternative to preparing take out orders. If your restaurant is looking to make more eco-friendly choices in your take out packaging, here are 5 easy and eco-friendly ways to package take out orders.

Bagasse Containers

Bagasse is a material made from repurposed sugarcane pulp. Take out containers made from bagasse are commercially compostable and biodegradable, making them a great plant-based packaging material. The way that bagasse is produced is incredibly sustainable compared to the production of paper or styrofoam, which involves non-renewable materials and deforestation. Bagasse is produced by taking the leftover pulp from sugarcane stalks, which is then dried and pressed into a mold.

Bagasse take out containers are bleached or unbleached, for a simple or natural look to your delivery supplies. Containers made from bagasse are designed in all shapes and sizes to fit the packaging needs of your restaurant. Whether you’re looking for clamshell containers, bowls, or boxes, there are bagasse containers made for your establishment. Bagasse containers are naturally grease-resistant and leak-resistant so your employees can package meals without the worry of messes during transportation. Containers made from bagasse are also heat-safe, so you can serve customers all kinds of meals in a hassle-free manner.

Plant-Based Plastic Cups and Containers

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly alternative to disposable drinking cups for your restaurant or cafe, consider using cups made from recyclable or plant-based materials. There are a variety of plastics used in take out packaging, and many of them can be extremely harmful to the planet. Nature-friendly plastics can be disposed of without causing excess damage to the environment in comparison to non-recyclable materials. The most commonly used eco-friendly plastics for food packaging are PLA and PET plastics.

PLA plastic is made from a plant-based bioplastic, which is typically derived from cornstarch or tapioca roots and can be composted. PET plastic is a recyclable plastic made without harmful chemicals and is BPA-free. Most traditional disposable cups are made from styrofoam or non-recyclable materials, which can contain harmful chemicals, so choosing an eco-friendly plastic is a safe and sustainable option for your establishment. Perfect for showing off colorful cocktails, smoothies, and sodas, the crystal clear visibility and high-shine finish of recyclable plastics instantly enhance the look of your to-go drinks. To prevent spills and leaks during delivery, disposable cups made with plant-based plastics are very sturdy and crack-resistant.

Kraft Paper Containers

If you’re looking to bring a simple yet stylish appearance to your prepackaged meals, kraft containers and boxes are perfect for your foodservice establishment. Kraft paper is made from leftover wood pulp and is sustainably sourced to take advantage of excess resources. Containers made from kraft paper are completely recyclable and are made in a variety of styles and sizes to fit the needs of your food delivery services. A great benefit of kraft paper is that it can be easily printed on with food-safe dyes to produce take out containers that match the aesthetic or colors of your establishment.

Stock your kitchen prep area with kraft containers to instantly streamline your packaging processes. Kraft containers are ideal for maximizing the storage space in your commercial kitchen, as most container styles can be stacked together or laid down flat. Employees can then quickly assemble orders since they have easy access to take out containers. Kraft containers are a lightweight, dependable, nature-friendly option for your food packaging and can hold large amounts of food with ease. To make the most out of your take out packaging, be sure to purchase kraft containers with grease-resistant linings to serve oily or saucy foods.

Bamboo Containers and Utensils

The rustic elegance of bamboo-based products will instantly impress customers, while still providing a sustainable way to package meals. Although there are several kinds of eco-friendly wooden serving containers available, bamboo is an abundant and invasive species that is naturally lightweight yet extremely durable. Bamboo paper containers are a great option in terms of sustainability for your business because it is a rapidly renewable resource that is sustainably harvested and manufactured. Bamboo paper take out boxes can be composted as well as recycled.

Bamboo paper carry out containers are available in a variety of sizes, and styles, but remain generally bleached or unbleached to emphasize their natural texture. Bamboo paper containers are leak-resistant to ensure foods are delivered to customers mess-free. If you’re looking for nature-friendly cutlery to include alongside delivery orders, opt for bamboo utensils. An ideal alternative to single-use serving supplies, replacing plastic utensils with bamboo utensils is perfect for making it easy for guests to recycle utensils after use.

Eco-Friendly Delivery Bags

Make it easy for customers and couriers to transport meals by packing up delivery orders in eco-friendly bags. Although non-recyclable plastic bags are commonly used in food packaging, investing in delivery bags made from recycled materials is a much more sustainable alternative. Eco-friendly delivery bags can be made from kraft paper or PET/PLA plastics, and depending on the look you’re going for in your food delivery presentations, there are nature-friendly products available to fit the needs of your restaurant. Recyclable plastic bags have clear finishes to expertly show off meals to guests, while kraft paper bags are extremely sturdy to keep large orders intact. Your customers will notice and appreciate your establishment’s effort in making all aspects of their delivery order recyclable to make it easy for everyone to take care of the planet.

Why Make The Switch To Eco-Friendly Food Packaging?

Taking active steps to ensure your restaurant’s delivery services are eco-friendly will be sure to impress your customers because they’ll recognize how much your restaurant values taking care of the planet on a daily basis. Eco-friendly packaging comes in a variety of materials, sizes, and styles, so you have endless options to choose from, and can narrow down what kinds of containers work for your business. Nature-friendly food packaging is also incredibly stylish and well-made, so your customers will always feel like their delivery orders are high-quality. Making the switch to eco-friendly take out supplies is as simple as replacing styrofoam boxes with bagasse or kraft containers, or non-recyclable plastic cups with plant-based plastic cups.

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