Pastry Tek Polycarbonate Leaf Candy / Chocolate Mold - 21-Compartment - 1 count box

Product Description

Use our Pastry Tek Polycarbonate Leaf Candy / Chocolate Mold to make molding chocolate a simple process. This chocolate mold is designed to create a stylish leaf-shaped candy that instantly elevates the look of sweets served at your bakery, catered event, or candy shop. With 21 built-in compartments, this candy mold allows your employees to easily prepare up to 21 leaf candies at once to quickly fulfill take out and delivery orders. Featuring a clear finish, this leaf mold provides you with exceptional clarity when adding intricate details to each cavity. This clear candy mold allows you to identify when candies have set and are ready to remove from the mold. Made from freezer-safe polycarbonate, this chocolate mold tray can be conveniently stored in freezers to ensure melted chocolates completely harden and set. Plus, this leaf candy mold features a sturdy base that offers an effortless way to fill cavities with tempered chocolates. This leaf chocolate mold is safe for commercial dishwasher use to help employees easily remove chocolate from the mold. Each compartment of this leaf mold measures 1.6 inches in length by 1.3 inches in width. This food grade candy mold has a total measurement of 10.8 inches long by 5.3 inches wide. Shipped in a 1 count box.

RWP0653C-1 Product Details
Product MaterialPC
Product ColorClear
Pack Size1 X 1 BX
Case Quantity
Product Length10.83 inches
Product Width5.31 inches
Product Height0.94 inches
Product Size0.000 ounces
Easily Pop Out Chocolates

Rigid Base For Effortless Release

Whether you’re making chocolates or candies for a special occasion, these chocolate molds ensure that treats are released cleanly and evenly. Rigid base prevents sweets from warping!

Quickly Prepare Treats

Multiple Cavities Speed Up Prep Time

Create intricate sweets at home with ease. Each candy mold features numerous compartments, allowing you to quickly make batches of candy and cut down on preparation time.

Won't Crack Or Warp

Durable Polycarbonate For Everyday Use

Thick and durable for long-lasting use! These sturdy polycarbonate molds are freezer-safe, allowing you to fill cavities with ease and store molds in freezers so ingredients can quickly set.

See When Chocolates Set

Clear Mold Displays Treats

Clear polycarbonate provides you with a full view when decorating or coloring your treats. Plus, you can easily identify when sweets are set and ready to be removed from molds.

Variety Of Designs

Add A Sweet Touch To Treats

From heart molds to flower molds, choose the mold that best suits the theme of your birthday party, wedding, or catered event. Mold chocolates with unique designs to elevate your dessert offerings.

Easy To Clean

Dishwasher-Safe To Remove Leftover Chocolate

Prep batches of candy again and again without worrying about cleaning each cavity by hand. These dishwasher-safe candy molds make cleaning up quick and easy.

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