A thriving bar is all about sleek ambiance, cool atmosphere, and inventive cocktails. That’s why Restaurantware offers a fine selection of chic, high-end bar tools and catering bar tools, to help elevate your establishment's sophistication and class. From bar spoons and strainers, to shakers, muddlers and jiggers, we have just the right bar equipment and tools you need to help your bistro, tavern or lounge remain a trendy, hopping joint.

Made with premium materials, our bar tools are built for durability as well as style. Our exclusive collection includes spoons, tumblers, cocktail picks, bitters bottles, and ice molds and tongs. Beyond the more common bar tools, we also have specialized options including swizzle sticks, speed pourers, and stainless steel and gold-plated straws. 

No matter what specialty cocktails you serve, these restaurant bar tools will enhance your service and function. Whether you are looking for everyday barware, or simply want to refine your drink service, Restaurantware has the very best cocktail bar equipment for you to choose from.

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