Cooling racks are crucial for producing and maintaining all kinds of freshly baked goods, making them a must-have tool for pastry chefs, bakers, and cooks who want to serve up their sweet treats whole and intact. Restaurantware offers quality catering cooling racks and restaurant cooling racks to assist in all kinds of baking endeavours.  

Our cooling racks’ seamless stainless steel construction makes for safe handling and easy clean-up, as well as versatility in the kitchen. Choose from half and full sized restaurant cooling racks, depending on how many pastries, cupcakes, cakes and other culinary treats you plan to bake at a time. Their adaptability allows for easy baking and fast cooling once the goods are fresh out of the oven.

The sturdy stainless steel grills on each of these restaurant cooling racks means that you can bake even the most delicate of pastries with confidence. Convenient, sturdy and safe, these cooling racks from Restaurantware will become the go-to tool for all your baking needs.

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