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Safely use band saws or boning knives to prepare meat with our high-quality butcher shop food safety supplies. From commercial floor mats to cut-resistant gloves, we have everything you need to create a safe work environment for your employees.


Whether you’re separating bones or trimming fat, our premium butcher shop cutlery tools allow you to effortlessly and comfortably cut meat to reduce hand fatigue.


Conveniently transfer meat from fridges to cutting stations with our selection of butcher shop preparation supplies. We offer all of the food preparation tools you need to properly store and quickly prepare meat orders.


Our butcher shop packaging supplies ensure you can easily wrap and store meats to keep them fresh for a longer period of time. From food containers to heat seal machines, we have all the butcher supplies you need to run a successful meat shop.


Whether you’re cleaning your sales floor or mopping fridges, our butcher shop janitorial supplies guarantee your store is clean and meets sanitation standards.

How should I store my butcher knives?
Having a designated area to store your knives keeps work stations neatly organized. It also allows your workers to easily find the tools they need to prepare steaks and helps prevent accidents from happening. You can store butcher knives in knife blocks, rolls, or wall racks. Knife blocks sit on countertops which keep knives easily accessible. They also include multiple slots to keep all of your knives in one location. Knife rolls make your knives easy to transport, allowing you to quickly take your knives from one cutting station to another. Wall racks eliminate the need of having knives on work stations, providing additional counter space to trim or package meat.
Why are meat cutting rooms cold?
Meat cutting rooms are typically between 28°F to 36°F. The cold temperatures allow meats to maintain their flavor, moisture, and have a longer shelf life. Having a warm meat processing room or not properly storing meats exposes them to bacteria growth and increases the risk of contamination.
What are the most popular steaks in America?
The most common cuts of steak ordered at butcher shops or restaurants are:
  • Rib Eye
  • Filet Mignon
  • New York Strip
  • T-Bone
  • Porterhouse
  • Sirloin
  • Flank
What is the purpose of each knife?
There are different types of butcher knives and each knife is designed with a specific purpose to effectively achieve certain cuts. Here is a list of popular knives used in butcher shops:
  • Boning Knife: Trimming meat from bones
  • Breaking Knife: Cutting through small bones, cartilage, and large chunks of meat
  • Butcher Knife: Slicing, trimming, and skinning meats
  • Carving Knife: Slicing meat, chicken, and fish
  • Cimeter Knife: Trimming, slicing, and breaking down cuts
  • Cleaver: Removing meat from bones
  • Skinning Knife: Removing skin from beef, pork, and poultry

From high-quality cutlery tools to food safety supplies, Restaurantware offers all the essentials you need to operate a successful butcher shop. Our butcher shop supplies allow you to efficiently slice or trim meats to provide patrons with the best cuts of meat. Browse our wide selection of meat shop equipment to find the right food safety tools that help keep employees safe and follow sanitation guidelines.

Find all of the butcher shop supplies you need to provide customers with high-quality cuts of meats. From cut-resistant gloves to commercial floor mats, our butcher shop food safety supplies ensure a safe environment for employees to feel comfortable skinning meats, using bone saws, and performing other tasks.

Whether you’re trimming a flank steak or slicing a brisket, our butcher shop cutlery tools allow you to cut meat with ease. Our butcher shop preparation supplies provide a convenient way to store and transport meats from coolers to cutting stations. Plus, our preparation tools include skewers of various sizes to offer prepackaged steak, pork, and chicken kebabs.

Use our butcher shop cleaning supplies to ensure that freezers, display cases, fridges, and meat processing rooms are thoroughly cleaned to prevent cross-contamination. From food scales to heat seal machines, our butcher shop packaging supplies offer butchers a simple way to weigh and wrap meats to display in cases. Stay stocked up with our selection of butcher shop supplies to effectively cut, package, and sell meats.