Keeping consistently clean and clutter-free garbage cans is easy with Restaurantware’s eco-friendly trash can liners. Biodegradable, sturdy and clean, these garbage can liners have a puncture-proof surface to ensure that odors, leaks, and debris stay inside the bags once they’ve been sealed and discarded.

Our trash can liners come in an assortment of sizes, including 33, 45, and 55-gallon sizes. The various sizes means you can use these liners in just about every area of your restaurant or cafe, providing a sanitary, odor-free and clean environment for guests and employees alike. Perfect for the kitchen and restrooms, these garbage can liners are a must-have to keep your business clean, while also remaining environmentally responsible.

Great for any hotel, restaurant, or catering business, these durable, break-resistant trash can liners are essential for keeping your restaurant clean and safe.

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