Check your drinking water and frying oil for quality with Restaurantware’s Be Safe test strips. Great for testing cooking oil and water regularly, our oil kit comes with 100 strips, while our water kit includes 100 strips and 2 bacteria test bottles.

Each strip of our water quality test includes 16 parameters that detect the most commonly found contaminants in water. The bacteria test bottles check for coliform bacteria to alert whether your drinking may or may not be safe to consume. Plus, a sample vial and instruction booklet are included to make testing a simple process. 

The strips of our frying oil tester detect free fatty acids in your cooking oil to avoid contaminating food and make sure oil can be used in all types of cooking applications. Each of the strips in our oil quality test provides results instantly.

Browse our collection of test strips to make it easier than ever to ensure drinking water and cooking oil are up to your standards for safe and high-quality service.

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