Crisp, salty, and simple, toast and crackers make for the perfect appetizer at any banquet, wedding, or catered event. Restaurantware has a fine selection of wholesale gourmet crackers and toast that are sure to satisfy hungry party and banquet guests at any gala.

Our Alba brand apricot orange almond crackers bring a tinge of crisp savory and nectary sweetness, while the cranberry pumpkin seed crackers are just the right mix of tart and piquant -- both great for marmalades and fruit jellies. The cracked pepper crackers are perfectly salted, seasoned and textured for hummus, pates, cheeses, and other spreads, while the Alba melba toast is great for slathering butter, cream cheese, or avocado. Your health and diet conscious guests will love Alba’s gluten-free herb or flaxseed crackers.

Whether you’re serving them with hummus, meats, cheeses or with jellies and marmalade, there’s no finer way for your guests to enjoy hors d'oeuvres than with our tasty wholesale toast and bulk crackers.

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