Restaurantware’s selection of bulk pastes will infuse your batters, doughs, and sauces with delicious, pure flavors -- without thinning them out or affecting their consistency.  

We have sourced a variety of premium, wholesale pastes from Alba and Nielsen Massey to enhance and invigorate your recipes’ flavor complexities.

Reach for our Nielsen Massey vanilla bean paste in recipes that need to exude vanilla bean flavor in taste and in appearance. Blended from whole, all natural vanilla beans, our decadent paste contains traces of actual vanilla seeds and pods.

Stir vanilla bean paste into your frostings, pound cakes, or creme brulees and let the delicious vanilla flecks speak for themselves. Integrate our addictive hazelnut paste into your croissants, cookies, and cake batters for complex roasted flavor notes -- or, give your tarts, coffee cakes, bear claws, and pastry fillings an irresistible nuttiness with our premium almond paste.

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