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Both savory and sweet choices


Wonderful when serving ice cream

Bonne Maman

Gourmet spreads and preserves

Nielsey Massey

Popular extracts and pastes

Flours & Mixes

Easy-to-make mixes and decadent flours

Mini Vinaigrette

Petite bottles of gourmet dressing

Sugar Sticks

Resembles nostalgic rock candy

Edibles Information

Beyond Tartlets and Tart Shells

We have a variety of edible products that go beyond the standard tartlets and tart shells. At Restaurantware, we have all your edible needs from jams and jellies to transfer sheets.


Transfer sheets make decorating easy

Innovative transfer sheets help you decorate your baked goods with ease. They are easy to use and have modern patterns and designs.


Restaurantware catering food products can help you save time, you will no longer have to spend hours in the kitchen because our tasty products will help you whip up a delicious food dish in no time at all. We offer some of the tastiest catering food products on the market, so let us save you time and money, get your catering food products today right here.

Edibles are friends to bakers

Do not waste all your energy on cooking up an entire feast. Get some help by using yummy succulent catering food products. Do not sp end so much time on thinking of creative treats to serve at your next catering event. Free up some of your time by entertaining with heavenly imported foods.

Let Restaurantware help you save time and salvage your energy. Simply obtain our appetizing jellies, spreads, Pidy tart shells and cones. Make catering an effortless endeavor by using our high-quality food products along with our sensational catering tableware products.

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