Restaurantware's disposable food containers and lids provide the ultimate protection for your dishes. With a durable, crack-resistant build, our foodservice packaging offers superior protection to ensure orders remain intact during transport.

Our selection of food containers and lids provides a robust, multi-purpose solution for all your dining needs. Made from durable materials such as plastic, foil, and bagasse, our to go containers are sturdy and versatile, making them perfect packaging leftovers for customers at your restaurant or packaging grab-and-go items at your convenience store. With a number of our packaging featuring a greaseproof or grease-resistant lining, our takeaway food containers allow you to package saucy or oily dishes without worrying about messes. Our collection of containers with lids is commercially compostable or recyclable, offering a sustainable solution to ensure you're positively impacting the environment. Whether you're looking for a bowl to serve hearty portions or appetizers, our take out food containers are sure to fit your packaging needs. Our foodservice packaging is suitable for a wide variety of menu items, from salads to meats, making them an excellent choice for any establishment.

With numerous finishes and materials available, browse our selection of single-use containers with lids to choose the packaging that best matches your brand identity, menu offerings, and environmental goals. By choosing our food packaging with lids, you can ensure that food is delivered to your customers with the same quality and freshness as it would be if they were dining in. Pair our food containers and lids with other great items like our take out boxes, sushi containers, and portion cups and lids.

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