Pulp Tek Round Clear Plastic Dome Lid - Fits 8 oz Bagasse Salad Bowl - 100 count box

Product Description

Turn your bowls into take out bowls with our Pulp Tek Round Clear Plastic Dome Lids. Combine our 8-ounce bagasse bowls with lids to create a tight-fitting seal and prevent messy spills(SKU: RWA0617K, RWA0617W). Equipped with a built-in handle tab, these dome lids easily lift to give customers unobstructed access to your fare. The dome design of these plastic lids allows you to fill up your bowls with more of your delicious desserts, appetizers, and salads. The sturdy construction of these recyclable lids resists cracks and traps heat to keep your prepared foods enjoyably warm. These plastic dome lids are crystal clear to allow your customers a peek at tasty meals at your restaurant, bakery, catering event, or food stand. Measuring 4.6 inches in diameter by 1 inch in height, these lids include an easy-to-pull tab for customers to comfortably open their bowls. Sold in a 100 count box. Bagasse bowls are available and sold separately.

Take Meals To Go

Tight-Fitting Lids Make Meals Portable

Pair these disposable lids with our compatible containers to seal in meals and easily take desserts, entrees, or sides on the go. No more messy spills!

Note: Food containers are available and sold separately.

Seal All Types Of Food

Choose The Perfect Lid

Our dome lids create ample space for packaging foods with garnishes and toppings, while our flat lids make it easy to stack containers and take up less space in your refrigerator. Select the lids that fit your needs.

Strong & Sturdy

Protect Your Food

These lids are strong and sturdy to keep dishes intact and ensure your food is not damaged upon arrival. Your meals will always look appetizing!

Find The Right Fit

Quickly Identify Dishes

The clear finish of our plastic lids gives you a full view of the food inside for quick identification. To avoid mixing up meals, our bagasse lids can be written on so you can label every container.

No Cleanup Necessary

Conveniently Disposable

Both our bagasse and PET plastic lids are conveniently disposable for quick cleanup after use. These lids make it easy to protect the earth from unnecessary waste.

Sold In Bulk

Don’t Worry About Running Out

Stay stocked up! Our plastic and bagasse lids are sold in a 100 count box, making them perfect for catered events and special occasions.

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Product Specs
Length (Inches)4.6
Width (Inches)4.6
Height (Inches)1
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