The meat is sizzling, the kabobs are crackling, the drinks are flowing, and the place is humming. You need a way to not only mark the temperature or manner of the cooked meat for your busy servers, but you also need to hold those kabobs in place, while making sure your bartenders are serving up cocktails with flair and pizzaz. Picks, skewers, paddles, and food markers are absolutely essential to any bustling restaurant, bar, or grill. And that’s why Restaurantware has an exciting collection of bamboo paddle skewers and bamboo paddle picks to choose from.

Our knotted skewers make for decorative picks. At 4-to-6 inches in length, they’re perfect for holding cheese, fruit, meat, poultry, or just about any bite-sized morsel for guests to enjoy. We also have picks for holding olives or fruit wedges in drinks, or for making mini shrimp kabobs with. Our grilling skewers are built for putting kabobs over a flaming grill, while the food paddles and markers are just what you need to mark your meat.

Whatever your needs, our eco-friendly bamboo paddles skewers and bamboo paddle picks are durable, sturdy and versatile, and can be used for food and drinks alike. These skewers add a special touch to every table and carry their own unique style and adaptability.

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