Bambuddha Square Natural Bamboo Modern Chopsticks - with Paper Band - 9 1/2" - 1000 count box

Product Description

Gobble your dumplings easily with our Bambuddha Square Natural Bamboo Modern Chopsticks. Included with a paper band, these ramen chopsticks stay secured until delivered, making them ideal for takeaway orders. Made from premium bamboo, these square chopsticks are durable for use with wet and soupy foods. The smooth surface of these biodegradable bamboo chopsticks offers a pleasant dining experience without the risk of getting splinters in your mouth. Withstanding up to 752F, these recyclable chopsticks are suitable for hot and cold foods. The ends of these modern chopsticks are slightly pointed and rounded enough to grab food. These disposable bamboo chopsticks are recyclable and will reduce your event's carbon footprint. Measuring 9.5 inches in length, these high-quality bamboo chopsticks easily maneuver in deep bowls, slippery noodles, and tough meat. Shipped in a 1,000 count box. This item will only degrade outside of the traditional solid waste stream.


High-Quality Bamboo Construction

Crafted from premium quality bamboo, these to-go chopsticks are sturdy and durable, making them ideal for use with both wet and dry foods. Effortlessly enjoy a wide range of foods with them!


Protection Against Falling

These brown chopsticks are included with either paper sleeves, paper wraps or paper bands to securely hold the chopsticks until delivered. Secured tightly until delivered.


No More Splinters

These bamboo twin chopsticks have been coated with talcum powder, providing a smooth surface without causing tearing or sogginess. Holds contents from falling down.


Withstands Up To 752F

These premium chopsticks can withstand temperatures of up to 725F, making them suitable for comfortably enjoying piping hot dishes like ramen, dumplings, and sushi. Conveniently relish all kinds of foods with these chopsticks!

Versatile Designs

Pick Your Favorite

Adorned with beautiful patterns, colors and sizes, these disposable bamboo chopsticks comes in different varieties to choose from. Add a touch of elegance and style to every dining experience!


Seamless Cleaning Process

These disposable attached bamboo chopsticks can simplify your cleaning process after significant events, allowing for a fast and effortless cleanup. Swiftly discard them off!

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Product Specs
Length (Inches)9.45
Width (Inches)0.5
Height (Inches)0.2
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