White Plastic Keyhole Coffee Stirrer - 6" - 1000 count box

Product Description

Make coffee drinking a convenient experience with our White Plastic Coffee Stirrers. The unique design of these drink stirrers is perfect for upscale food and beverage establishments looking to make an impression on their guests. Constructed with premium plastic, these keyhole coffee stirrers stay sturdy while stirring hot beverages. Each stir stick is designed with a decorative keyhole paddle to allow for an effortless mixing flow. A must-have for large events, birthday parties, or wedding parties, these plastic coffee stirrers are disposable and streamline the cleaning process. Each drink stirring stick measures 6 inches in length. Sold in a 1,000 count box.

secure grip

Sturdy Construction With Keyhole Design

With the keyhole design, these sturdy swizzle sticks offer an enhanced grip and control while maintaining their integrity and blending every sip perfectly. The sturdy construction of these stirrers won't break or bend during use.

versatile use

Suitable For Hot And Cold Drinks

Designed to work with any temperature, These stir sticks are ideal for making them perfect for stirring hot and cold beverages. These stir sticks are an excellent option for coffee houses or cafes that serve a variety of hot and cold drinks.

suit your preferences

Available In Black Or White

To allow you to choose from options that match your aesthetic preferences, these disposable stir sticks come in black and white colors. Choose these stylish and versatile options for stirring your favorite beverages!

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Product Specs
Length (Inches)5.8
Width (Inches)0.39
Height (Inches)0.1
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