White Plastic Coffee Cup Lid - Fits 4 oz - 500 count box

Product Description

Discover the ultimate coffee-drinking delight with our White Plastic Coffee Cup Lids. Expertly crafted from premium recyclable plastic, these durable lids are engineered to withstand the heat of your delightful cappuccinos and luscious lattes. The raised rim of these coffee cup lids ensures your customers stay protected from minor spills and the occasional dribble of hot beverages. For a seamless drinking experience, these disposable lids are equipped with a small ventilation hole, ensuring a smooth flow of beverages without any interruptions. The elevated drinking spout of these plastic lids offers a seamless and comfortable sipping experience, allowing customers to relish every drop of their favorite coffee. These sleek white plastic lids perfectly complement our 4-ounce disposable coffee cups (SKUs: RWA0277 and RWA0273), securing a flawless fit for a complete coffee solution. Each plastic lid measures 2.5 inches in diameter. Sold in a 500 count box.

Take Hot Drinks To Go

Make Drinks Easily Portable

Designed to safely cover teas or coffees to conveniently enjoy them on the go. Plus, they keep your drinks hotter for longer.

Lock In Hot Drinks

Secure Lid Prevents Leaks

Tightly-fastened lids perfectly seal in hot beverages to prevent leaks and spills. Reduce the risk of accidental messes and burns.

Comfortably Sip Coffee

Elevated Rim Catches Spills And Drips

Sipping hole releases the perfect amount of hot coffee or tea while the raised rim captures drips and spills. Great for enjoying in a car or on a walk.

Won't Crack Or Break

Durable Plastic Eliminates Splitting

Premium plastic lids snugly fit on coffee cups without splitting and won’t break while in use. No more coffee stains or spills on your clothes!

Add A Pop Of Color

Vibrant Colors Enhance Coffees

Complete the look of your coffees or teas by covering them with vibrant-colored coffee cup lids. Available in lime green, hot pink, pewter gray, white, and black.

Prevents Leaks & Spills

Pair With Perfectly Engineered Cups

Specially designed to fit Restaurantware's 4-ounce coffee cups! Perfect for mixing and matching all styles and colors of coffee cups and lids.

Coffee cups are available and sold separately.

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Product Specs
Length (Inches)2.5
Width (Inches)2.5
Height (Inches)0.6
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