Collection: Tarts, Shells, & Cones

Tarts, shells, and cones are like edible servingware -- the finishing touch to a richly satisfying sweet treat. And, as any dessert lover will tell you, it’s tough to find a more gratifying way to finish off scoops of ice cream or a slice of pie than when it’s served up on an edible bowl, tartlet, or cone. Restaurantware’s collection of bulk tarts, shells and cones offers a deliciously sophisticated way to serve your ice cream, pies, cakes, creams and all manner of sugary confections.

We offer cones from Alba Foods that come in chocolate, waffle, and mini neutral. We also have shells and shortening tarts with which to make everything from small cannolis to pies of every kind. Made with high-quality ingredients, our selection also includes edible cups, bowls, and puffs, as well as gluten-free shells, kosher tartlets and chocolate butter short crusts to give your desserts and pastries a finishing dollop of palatable sweetness.

Choose Restaurantware as your supplier for Alba's edible wholesale tarts, shells, cones, and more. Simplify dessert and pastry creations for your bakery, catering business, or restaurant with deliciously satisfying and delectable edible bowls, cups, shells, and cones.