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Bring sustainability and style to your take out orders using our Pulp Tek collection. Made from natural repurposed sugarcane fibers, known as bagasse, our selection of Pulp Tek take out containers are commercially compostable and biodegradable. A great eco-friendly alternative to other foam take out packaging, theses take out boxes are ideal for restaurants, cafes, and food trucks.

Designed to be sturdy and lightweight, Pulp Tek take out containers are great for holding hefty amounts of food and are grease-resistant to prevent stains and spills. Customers can easily store and reheat meals in our take out boxes which are conveniently freezer-safe and microwave-safe. Choose the clamshell containers to securely lock in entrees during delivery, or use the compostable plates to serve guests at catered luncheons.

If you’re looking for eco-friendly take out supplies, our Pulp Tek collection has everything your foodservice establishment needs to make delivery orders sustainable. Browse our different styles and sizes to find take out containers that best fit your restaurant’s needs.