Serve or package orders with the environment and your customers in mind with our Pulp Safe products. Our single-use Pulp Safe products go through thorough testing for total organic fluorine content to ensure they meet strict regulations within each state.

Crafted from repurposed sugarcane fibers with no PFAS added, our selection of disposable tableware is commercially compostable. From mini to extra large sizes, our collection of sugarcane plates and bowls with no PFAS added can be used to serve any dish. Our clamshell containers securely lock in entrées and sides to prevent messy spills during transport. To better control food portions, our food trays have compartments to ensure each serving is the same amount. Our bagasse cups are perfect for taking sides, snacks, and desserts on the go. 

All of our Pulp Safe disposable plates, to go boxes, tasting spoons, and other bagasse products are safe to use and do not have PFAS levels exceeding state regulations. Browse our selection of PFAS-safe foodservice products to find the items that meet your establishment’s standards.

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