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Simple, sweet and convenient, Restaurantware's ready-to-use sauces make for an excellent go-to for your pastry prep and servings.

Our Alba brand caramel sauce is a deliciously sweet concoction made from sugar, glucose, water, natural and artificial flavors. Perfect for the caramel-craving customer who loves the dark brown heated confectionary liberally drizzled onto their ice cream, pancakes, apple pie, cupcakes, French toast, or brownies, Alba’s ready to use caramel sauce is one of the best on the market.

Our sugary sweet sauces are an invaluable addition to your kitchen, making for a sweet, convenient ingredient to have stored in your bakery, restaurant or catering business.

When you need the perfect alternative to making your own sauce, trust in Restaurantware’s wholesale sauces to enhance your baked goods and other recipes.