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  • Bar Lux Natural Wood Swizzle Stick - 11 1/4" - 1 count box
    Bar Lux

    Natural Wood Swizzle Stick

    11 1/4" x 2 1/4" x 2 1/4"
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    / 1 count box

The correctly mixed cocktail is supposed to transport the customer somewhere exotic. And with Restaurantware's custom swizzle sticks, you can now bring freshness and style to any mixed drink, while taking your customers to the Caribbean without them ever leaving your bar.

Carved from pinewood and designed in the traditional “le bois lele” style from Martinique, these bar swizzle sticks will bring an authentic and refreshing Caribbean vibe to your restaurant or bar. Measuring 11.25 inches, these swizzle sticks have the perfect length for gently mixing -- and never overmixing -- while lending a sunny Caribbean feel to every glass.   

Designed for gently enhancing delicious flavors into any cocktail, Restaurantware’s bar swizzle sticks are a charming and effective way to make sure your drinks are mixed just right. Eco-friendly, easy-to-use and beautiful in their simplicity, these swizzle sticks from Restaurantware are sure to please your bartenders and customers alike.