Jack-O’-Lantern Cocktail Recipe

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What's a Halloween night event without a jack-o’-lantern cocktail? This famous spooky pumpkin carving tradition turned into a drink highlights sweet orange flavors and a touch of spice from the cognac. The perfect flavors to welcome the holiday.

The birth of carving jack-o’-lanterns came from Ireland many centuries ago. If you’re unaware of the jack-o’-lantern legend, this wicked character is believed to have asked the devil to join him for a drink, without wanting to pay for it of course. Jack-o’-lantern convinced the devil to transform into a coin in order to pay. Once the devil turned into a coin, jack-o’-lantern refused to free him for years, a true trick-or-treat. In the end, the up-to-no-good jack-o’-lantern passes away and is not allowed into heaven, the devil turning him into a burning coal on a turnip lantern to light his way into the dark.

The creation of this fun pumpkin-inspired Halloween drink was to feature cognac. The jack-o’-lantern cocktail contains a combination of brandy and orange, however - the brandy in this drink is the real star. The orange juice incorporation creates the orange color to replicate the natural appearance of a pumpkin.

Some jack-o’-lantern cocktails contain ginger ale for a fizzy taste, but this is optional. Using the brandy-based orange liqueur mixed with the cognac, orange juice, and ginger ale provides a sweet, semi-tart citrus taste that is overall refreshing. The orange wheel garnish creates the illusion of a pumpkin form, finishing off the overall jack-o’-lantern look that we all love.
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Cocktail Ingredients

  • 1 1/2 ounces cognac
  • 1/2 ounce brandy-based orange liqueur
  • 1 ounce orange juice
  • 2 ounces ginger ale
  • Orange wheel, for garnish

Note: For the garnish, make sure to choose a large enough glass that will fit the orange wheel. Remember to leave space around the orange wheel, so the drink doesn’t pour out.

Prep time: 4 minutes | Cook time: 0 minutes | Servings: 1 drink

Cocktail Directions

  1. Combine cognac, brandy-based orange liqueur, orange juice, and ginger ale into a cocktail shaker with ice.
  2. Shake the mixture well until fully chilled.
  3. Pour into a coupe glass.
  4. Garnish with an orange wheel and jack-o’-lantern skewer.

Tools & Equipment

A gold-plated Japanese-style jigger is used in this jack-o’-lantern cocktail recipe to provide accurate poured measurements. To easily switch between 1- or 2-ounce measurements, this lavish bar tool features a double-sided construction. This sleek jigger with a gold-plated finish enhances your showmanship. Designed with a tall and narrow design, this jigger expertly contains liquids inside to prevent potential messes. For long-lasting maintenance, this jigger must be hand washed only.

To securely drink the Halloween night flavors of the jack-o’-lantern cocktail, a 7-ounce coupe glass is used. The wide bowl provides the perfect amount of space to display the orange wheel and avoid liquids from pouring out. To serve and drink this Halloween cocktail year after year, this coupe glass is durable. Unlike the jigger, this coupe glass is dishwasher-safe to provide a simple cleaning process.

For mixing, chilling, and serving all the necessary ingredients for this easy Halloween cocktail, a 24-ounce cobbler shaker is used. With a gold-plated finish, this cocktail shaker elegantly elevates the making of your cocktail. The premium stainless steel build ensures that you can fully mix and chill your cocktail without the worry of leakage seeping through. For long-term use, this gold-plated cocktail shaker is durable. Plus, to strain and serve in one go, this shaker has a top to accomplish all tasks without any additional supplies needed.

For the complete jack-o’-lantern look, a jack-o’-lantern skewer is added to the garnish. Featuring a vibrant orange jack-o’-lantern, this skewer is ideal for any Halloween-themed event. With a versatile design, you can use these bamboo skewers to display all kinds of beverage garnishes or even small desserts and kebabs. Ideal for any establishment or catered event, this spooktacular party pick enhances various Halloween treats and drinks.

Get Ready To Light The Night

So, when Halloween comes around, and you’re looking for a festive drink to serve your guests, why not try out this delicious jack-o’-lantern cocktail? It’s easy to make and will definitely get everyone in the mood for some spooky fun. Cheers.

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