12 Different Kinds Of Eggnog

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Eggnog is a traditional holiday beverage made with milk, cream, sugar, and eggs. There are many different recipes for eggnog, but they all have one thing in common: they're delicious! The ingredients in eggnog vary depending on the recipe, but they typically include milk, cream, sugar, eggs, and spices like nutmeg or cinnamon. Some recipes also include alcohol, such as rum, brandy, or bourbon.

Eggnog is traditionally served in a tall glass with a sprinkle of nutmeg on top. It can also be made into a milkshake or used as an ingredient in other holiday desserts, such as a trifle or cake. Keep reading to learn about the different types of eggnog.

Tips On Using Raw Eggs

When using raw eggs on your holiday cocktail, make sure to pay attention to the quality and freshness of your eggs. Consuming raw eggs can pose risks of food poisoning and other risks. It is vital to be aware that your eggnog drink is safe for your guests to consume. It is recommended by the USDA to pasteurize raw eggs. This process ensures no harmful bacteria are lingering inside the shell.Types of eggnong displayed

12 Types Of Eggnog

1. Old-Fashioned Eggnog

The old-fashioned eggnog is made with raw eggs, milk, cream, bourbon, and sugar. Usually, compared to classic eggnog, this version is stronger and creamier in taste and texture. Top it off with freshly grated nutmeg and cinnamon sticks.

2. Traditional Rum Eggnog

Rum adds a sweet touch to the egg-y drink. The traditional rum eggnog recipe includes aged rum, an egg, milk, and cream. It is recommended to serve it over ice in a punch or martini glass, with some nutmeg for garnish.

3. Brandy Eggnog

Brandy eggnog has a delicious balance of Brandy, rum, and bourbon. It has a touch of creaminess due to the milk and egg yolk. This eggnog is Served in a chilled highball glass and garnished with traditional eggnog spices.

4. Bourbon Eggnog

A variation of the old-fashioned eggnog, this flavorful Christmas drink consists of whiskey, cognac, and orange liqueur. Not your typical eggnog, this holiday drink creates interesting dimensions of flavors for customers to enjoy.

5. Rompope

A Mexican take on eggnog, this classic egg punch is made with almonds, egg yolks, and rum. What makes rompope so unique is the addition of an almond paste that is whisked together with the rest of the ingredients. It is usually served chilled over ice.

6. Vegan Eggnog

Vegan eggnog is crafted without eggs and has a combination of soft tofu and soybean mixed with vanilla, rum, or Brandy. This holiday drink contains dairy-free milk and a hint of maple syrup. Decorate the drink with coconut whipped cream, cinnamon, and nutmeg for more flavor.

7. Coquito

The Puerto Rican spin of the classic eggnog also doesn’t consist of eggs. This beverage is rich in coconut, rum, and spices. Coquito is quite different from eggnog and does not have the usually custard-like feel due to the coconut milk or coconut cream.

8. Gingerbread Eggnog

The gingerbread eggnog incorporates mouthwatering flavors such as ginger, molasses, and spices. The rum is optional in this seasonal beverage. Gingerbread eggnog is creamy, thick, and very sweet. It is served chilled or poured over ice. Garnish whole or crushed cookies to give the drink a festive look.

9. Eggnog Martini

A great way to use up some eggnog, this holiday cocktail incorporates vanilla vodka and amaretto to create a festive martini to be enjoyed during the holidays. The amaretto adds a hint of sweet almond flavor to your eggnog martini. Your guests will love this fancy winter cocktail.

10. White Christmas

If you crave a new take on the traditional eggnog, then White Christmas is for you. This Christmas cocktail has whiskey, southern comfort for some fruity flavors, and white chocolate liqueur. Serve in a cocktail glass and garnish with edible gold or chocolate flakes.

11. Fireball Eggnog

Guests who love cinnamon will be a fan of this eggnog variation. Fireball eggnog is made with cinnamon whiskey and amaretto. The cinnamon whiskey adds a touch of warm spice and a slight sweetness. The choice of liquors combines well with vanilla or even coffee flavors. Decorate with a cinnamon-sugar rim, nutmeg, and cinnamon sticks.

12. Spiced Eggnog

Spiced eggnog is made with spiced rum and brandy. The choice of liquors creates a balance of spice and sweetness. Add heavy cream, milk, eggs, sugar, and nutmeg to complete this eggnog drink. Serve in a chilled coupe glass or wine glass.

How To Store Eggnog

To store eggnog, it is important to keep it in an airtight container. The alcohol in eggnog preserves the beverage for two to three days. If you're serving non-alcoholic eggnog, it is best to drink it within a day. 

Keep eggnog away from heat and light. When storing your eggnog in your fridge, place it in an area where it will always maintain the same temperature. This means it is best not to place it near the door, where the temperature will change when you open and close the fridge. 
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Can You Freeze Eggnog?

You can freeze eggnog, but it tends to be unnecessary. Eggnog spoils quickly, and it's important to note that it's best to drink within two or three days. However, store-bought eggnog is pasteurized to make it last longer. When eggnog is frozen, the consistency of the eggnog becomes clumpy. If you do decide to freeze your eggnog, there are some steps you can take to ensure your eggnog maintains its quality:

  • Do not freeze your eggnog in its original glass bottle. Transfer it to another clean resealable container.
  • Try not to overfill your container and leave some space on the top to allow the eggnog to expand.
  • Avoid keeping eggnog frozen for longer than six months.
  • Thaw your eggnog in the fridge, never at room temperature.
  • If you are freezing store-bought eggnog, freeze it before opening the containers. Place solid eggnog into a freezer bag and put it back into the fridge.
  • To maintain the quality of your eggnog over periods of time, make sure the temperature is below 32°F.

Happy Holidays

Eggnog is a delicious, creamy drink that can be enjoyed during the winter holidays. There are many types of eggnog, each with its own unique flavor. Whether you prefer classic or flavored eggnog, there’s sure to be a recipe that will suit any guest. So go ahead and indulge in this festive drink – we won’t tell Santa.

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