Restaurantware’s Interview with Antonio Bachour

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interview with Restaurantware

Chef Bachour’s Current position:

St. Regis Bal Harbour Executive Pastry Chef

Manages 4 different restaurants on premises, the main being Jean-Georges


Restaurantware Interviewer: What is the single most important influence on your pastry philosophy and style?

Chef Bachour: “I get inspiration minute by minute, from my cook, my family, the color of the wall…I take in the life around me and incorporate it into dishes. And the truth is that I never stop. I’m always planning something new and special.”

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Restaurantware Interviewer: What is the last thing you made that was really memorable?

Chef Bachour: “Saturday at Panama Gastronomica food and wine I made a nitro coco. It’s frozen coconut foam and liquid nitrogen with passionfruit and mango gel. A lot of my dishes involve these flavors since I spent my childhood in the Caribbean eating tropical fruit, it also compliments Miami well.”


Restaurantware Interviewer: What is your favorite sweet ingredient of the moment?

Chef Bachour: “Chocolate from Valrhona ‘Dulcey’ which is a blend of white chocolate and dulce de leche. I’m working with this in a lot of recipes- mousses, ice cream, and sorbet. It’s an amazing ingredient that will be featured in my book!”

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Restaurantware Interviewer: Can you give us a sneak peak into the book you’re publishing this Fall?

Chef Bachour: “My book BACHOUR is being released in November 2013. It’s my life work. I chose to self-publish because I get more than 200 direct messages on Facebook a day asking technique and recipe questions. This book will provide easy step-by-step instructions with over 100 pictures for people who want to recreate what we’re making on this property… including the macaron bonbon.”


Restaurantware Interviewer: Restaurantware is a sponsor at the 2013 Chicago Restaurant Pastry Competition Sept 14-16th. What is your involvement with the event this month?

Chef Bachour: “When Jimmy MacMillan called to ask me to be a judge of the Emmy award winning Chicago Restaurant Pastry Competition, I couldn’t wait to say yes. There are so many great talents involved and I believe this is the best competition in the US for pastry chefs. It’s 3 days with different techniques, very high pressure, and tasks that we actually do in the restaurant everyday. It’s a dream come true to be a judge”


Restaurantware Interviewer: What will it take for competitors to WOW you as a celebrity chef judge during the intensive weekend competition?

Chef Bachour: “I’m a very simple guy but flavors. I know they want their plate to look good but the taste is the priority. I want that flavor that can punch me in the face.”

st regis chef antonio bachour

Restaurantware Interviewer: When constructing a pastry dish – how do you think about the presentation and plating style?

Chef Bachour: “I never know how I’m going to plate the dessert until I’m in the moment. Maybe I’m weird but planning ahead doesn’t work for me. Another thing is, I cannot ever repeat a presentation. I take pictures to ensure that nothing ever looks the same. That’s why I have 6,000 pictures on my phone!”


Restaurantware Interviewer: Restaurantware is a luxury, green restaurant product manufacturer and distributor, we’re interested in understanding how important environmental considerations play into your creative process.

Chef Bachour: “We buy a lot of the eco-friendly product here at the St. Regis Bal Habour. We have a commitment to it.”


Restaurantware Interviewer: What’s one tip you have for younger chefs?

Chef Bachour: “Strive to be better than the day before. At St. Regis Bal Harbour, we refresh our menus every day. Every day, I make it special. You must open your mind to create new dessert to keep the excitement.”

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