Cake Servers Buying Guide

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Whether you call it a cake server, pie lifter, cake shovel, or crepe spade, it’s important to note which kind of server works best for you. While a disposable server may be useful because you can leave them behind at parties, they may not be ideal for formal events like weddings or galas. With a variety of cake servers available, this buying guide lays out the vital components to help make your search for the perfect server a piece of cake.

What Is A Cake Server And What Is It Used For?

Layered berry cake being served

A cake server is used to place slices of desserts on plates to be served to guests. Although crafted in various shapes, designs, and sizes, all cake servers have a flat, triangular blade that holds the baked goods. The main difference in cake cutters is the handles — some are straight while others are slightly bent upward.

Often paired in a set as a counterpart utensil to a cake knife, a cake server is typically made from stainless steel, plated silver, wood, or plastic. Contrary to its name, a cake server can be used to serve numerous sweet treats, ranging anywhere from fudgy brownies and dense berry cheesecakes to layered party cakes and crunchy pecan pies.

Best Occasions For A Cake Server

Cake servers are essential for securely and hygienically serving slices of cake. Below are some of the types of events that a cake server is useful to have on hand:

  • Birthdays
  • Weddings
  • Office events
  • Anniversaries
  • Holiday parties
  • Graduation celebrations

What’s The Difference Between A Cake Server And A Pie Server?

Traditional cake servers have a smooth, flat triangular blade attached to a straight-set handle. While the edge of the blade can vary between straight edge or serrated edge, typical cake servers feature a straight edge.

Pie servers are crafted with the same blade shape and style but tend to have a small bend at the base of the blade to easily fit into the slanted pie pans. These servers usually have a serrated edge to easily cut through tougher pie crusts and fillings.

Do You Need A Cake Server And A Cake Knife?

A cake server is for picking up and serving cake, while a cake knife is for cutting into a cake. Cake knives have a long serrated blade to easily cut through cakes without crushing, tearing, or smearing decorative frosting. Some cake servers are designed in a way where they can both cut through baked goods and neatly serve them. For more formal events, cake knives and servers are typically sold in a set to keep a consistent look during the celebration while maintaining the etiquette of cake-serving. Cake server & knife on wood coaster

Cake Server Materials

Each type of cake server features a set of unique features. Whether seeking a cake cutter to avoid the hassle of handwashing or a server that delivers a presentable and elegant look while slicing into a wedding cake, the make of the tool is the defining factor. Below are the most commonly used materials for cake servers:

  • Plastic: Good for single-use and is easily disposable or occasionally recyclable. Plastic cake servers are ideal to avoid taking your personal server to an event and leaving it behind or losing it.
  • Silver: Provides a traditional look. Silver cake servers are commonly used for memorable occasions like weddings to keep as a souvenir.
  • Stainless steel: Stainless steel cake servers are typically corrosion-resistant and dishwasher-safe, allowing for easy cleanup after use.
  • Brass: Presents a decorative, vintage aesthetic. Brass cake servers can be used for special occasions and kept as a memento.
  • Wood: Grants minimal safety issues. Wood cake servers are less commonly used but are children friendly since they don’t have sharp edges.

Reusable Cake Servers vs. Disposable Cake Servers

Chocolate cake on metal cake server

Reusable cake servers are a staple in every home or foodservice establishment to easily serve slices of sweet treats without a hassle. Some reusable servers are dishwashable for easy cleaning after use, while others can only be hand washed but allow you to have the tool available at all times.

Disposable cake servers are the best fit for events that don’t need a special memento. Plus, single-use servers are great for on-the-go and can be left behind. Disposable servers also allow you to avoid the hassle of washing the utensil after slicing desserts by just simply disposing of it. Depending on the material, a single-use cake server can be recycled after use.

Straight Edge vs. Serrated Edge

Cake servers can feature two kinds of edges on their triangular blade: straight or serrated. Each blade finish has its own benefits that correspond to certain uses as well as the baked good it’s being used for:

  • Serrated edge cake servers can be used to cut, lift, and serve desserts. A cake knife would be recommended for tougher or thicker desserts.
  • Straight edge cake servers are mainly used for lifting and serving desserts. A separate cake knife would be used to cut through treats unless it’s being used for a soft or pre-cut dessert. Some cake servers have both a serrated and a straight edge for a 2-in-1 cutting and serving feature.

Cake Servers With Special Features

While traditional cake servers never truly go out of style, some designs are more trendy than others. Although the purpose is the same, some cake servers have special features that make serving guests just that much easier.

  • Engraved cake servers: Presents a personalized touch to the tool, making it most appropriate for formal, celebratory events.
  • Contemporary cake servers: Combines cake cutters and servers are all the craze with their modern design and dual function to easily create even slices and grip the pieces of cake in one movement.
  • One-handed cake servers: With a unique design this type of cake server helps push the slice of dessert off the blade in a bulldozer-like movement with a squeeze of the handle.
  • Double serrated edge: Crafted with an ambidextrous construction, making them a comfortable fit for right and left-handed users.
  • Cake server with matches: Provides a two-in-one purpose, for serving cakes or other desserts while also including matches and a striker to always be prepared for a party. Take a closer look at our Pastry Tek cake server with matches to learn more about its unique features:

Have Your Cake & Eat It Too

The features of the perfect cake server directly correlate with the intended purpose of the tool. More than just a simple knife, cake servers are a fundamental party utensil that makes serving sliced treats onto plates as easily and securely as possible. As a vital component to any celebration, the right cake server looks good while making it easy to have a continuous flow of cake slices being distributed among guests.

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