How Restaurants Can Use Trends To Bring In Business

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Caught up with the latest trends? Looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition? It's important to keep up to date on what customers are interested in. Incorporating trending topics from the food and beverage industry into your restaurant can do wonders for boosting sales and driving traffic into your business.

What’s Trending?

Many restaurateurs and chefs dedicate time to predicting the trends that are shaping the future of the restaurant industry each year. Revisiting the conversation around trending topics means that special attention is paid to what consumers are currently responding to the most. Trends that have had a lasting impact on the food industry, such as the rise of plant-based meals or take out and delivery services are already well known by operators. Incorporating new, trending ideas into your business each year allows you to stay ahead of the game. Below are several trends we can expect to see in the food and beverage industry this year, along with ideas on how you can incorporate them into your restaurant.

Why Restaurants Collaborate With Celebrities

It’s safe to say the rise of celebrity collaborations with restaurants and fast food chains is here to stay. In fact, popular celebrities have been partnering with restaurants for decades now. Successful fast food chains have recently incorporated music artists, social media influencers, and athletes into their marketing plans by creating a deal or combo meal based on a celebrity’s favorite order. Commercials and social media ads that announce a celebrity collaboration with a restaurant quickly go viral online. Many fans rush to restaurants to get their hands on their favorite celebrity’s go-to meal, resulting in a huge boost in sales.

Another kind of celebrity restaurant collaboration includes musicians or athletes going into the restaurant business themselves. Many celebrities have made deals to co-own popular restaurants or created restaurants themselves. The allure of attending a celebrity-owned restaurant speaks for itself, as many people choose to dine there to experience a restaurant fit for a celebrity. Some celebrities are also known for inviting famous friends to dine at their restaurants. This encourages customers to visit the restaurant in hope of catching a glimpse of some of their favorite celebrities. Even if a restaurant is already established or completely new, celebrity endorsements or marketing is sure to boost sales.

How To Incorporate Celebrity Collaborations Into Your Restaurant

Not every restaurant can afford to have a popular celebrity endorse them, especially if you are running a small business. However, there are still ways in which you can take advantage of this trend. If a celebrity happens to be a regular at your restaurant, consider asking them for a collaboration.

Also, collaborating with a popular attraction in your area is a great way to attract customers. Get in conversation with the people running a well-known attraction or local celebrity. Consider creating a special menu item or offering a deal for those that attend the attraction. You’ll be able to catch the attention of new customers as well as bringing something fresh to the table for regulars.

Plant-Based Meals

Consumers are prioritizing their health more every day which means the plant-based revolution is taking over the restaurant scene. Many people have switched from regularly eating red meat and dairy products in exchange for plant-based proteins and non-dairy substitutes. This means that the restaurant industry has seen the demand from customers to include more vegan-friendly options in menus. Greater awareness of the need for sustainability along with advocating for the well-being of farm animals has propelled plant-based meals into popularity.

How To Incorporate Plant-Based Meals Into Your Restaurant

Adding plant-based food items to your menu is an easy way to stay inclusive and reach a wider range of customers. Consider creating a plant-based protein option so customers can customize their orders. A ‘Meatless Monday’ promotion is also a great way to attract customers who regularly cut out meat from their diet during the week. Adding plant-based dishes to your existing menu allows returning customers to try something new. For new customers who enjoy plant-based foods and are looking to try your restaurant, they’ll be happy to find options that meet their dietary needs.

Restaurant Experiences At Home

Due to limited dining capacities at restaurants, surges in restaurant reservations, and an increase in delivery orders, many people are now choosing to enjoy meals at home. Even though many customers might be finding themselves dining at home more often, that doesn’t mean they want to give up all the luxuries of a classic restaurant experience. To meet customers halfway, a recent trend has popped up that brings a restaurant dining experience right to a customer’s doorstep.

How To Incorporate At Home Dining Experiences Into Your Restaurant

Create a memorable dining experience for customers at home by adding a variety of to-go meal kits to your restaurant’s menu. Take note of the most popular menu items at your restaurant and consider turning them into a to-go meal kit that can be easily arranged at home. Be sure to opt for dishes that travel well during delivery so there aren’t any issues with your customers’ orders. You can even look into finding creative ways to package and assemble meal kits to upgrade your customer’s delivery experience.

Condiments And Sauces

As people are spending more time at home, they’re also cooking more often. Many find joy in creating a meal for themselves. Cooking with condiments and sauces is set to be an upcoming trend, as many people are trying out new recipes and looking for food items to garnish their meals with. Condiments and sauces have a longer pantry life than most ingredients which is an added benefit for customers looking to stock up on everyday sauces.

How To Incorporate Packaged Condiments Into Your Restaurant

If your restaurant is well known by customers for your delicious sauces and condiments, consider selling them on their own at your restaurant. Creating a line of custom condiments and sauces that can be sold at your restaurant is a great way to bring in extra revenue. Customers will be able to enjoy their favorite sauces and have a taste of your restaurant in their homes. Whether you decide to bottle your restaurant’s secret sauce, dressings, or classic condiments, your customers will be sure to buy a bottle of it the next time they are at your restaurant.

To-Go Cocktails

If customers can’t make it out to your bar, then to-go cocktail kits are the next best thing. As states have begun lifting alcohol delivery bans across the country, a whole new avenue has opened up for delivery and take out services. Recent trends have shown that customers enjoy getting interactive with their meals and drinks. To-go cocktails allow customers to mix up their favorite cocktails themselves or try out a new drink. As many businesses don’t typically offer to-go cocktails, this is a great way to entice customers to order from your restaurant.

How To Incorporate To-Go Cocktails Into Your Restaurant

If your business has a liquor license, take advantage of it and create a selection of to-go cocktail kits. Select a variety of the most popular cocktails served at your restaurant and turn them into easy-to-serve cocktails for delivery. Bottle up pre-batched alcohol and mixers, and package garnishes, syrups, or any additional tools needed separately so that your cocktail kits travel securely. Be sure to include a recipe card with step-by-step instructions on how to create the cocktail.

Why Incorporate Trending Topics In Your Restaurant Is Good For Business

By staying in touch with new trends that are popping up in the restaurant scene, you’ll be able to attract new customers and keep them coming back for more. Introducing fresh ideas into your business is a great way to keep loyal regulars engaged as well. Luckily, there are a ton of new restaurant trends floating around that you can easily incorporate into your menu. From celebrity collaborations to plant-based ingredients to viral foods, there is a multitude of trending topics to include at your restaurant.

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