5 Best Restaurant Promotions To Drive Sales During Coronavirus

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In order to drive sales at your foodservice establishment during these times, meeting your customers halfway with deals is a great way for your business to show support. Your competitors might already be offering up deals to increase their own sales, and it’s important that your restaurant starts doing the same. With many brick and mortar locations closing their doors to in-house diners, your restaurant might not be seeing the same kind of sales and traffic it normally does.

Making the switch to full-time delivery and pick-up orders is the ideal option for your business. Offering additional discounts and deals for your customers helps show that you care about them in their time of need. If you’re looking to add deals to your menu but don’t know where to start, here are 5 restaurant promotions you can use to drive sales.

1. Free Delivery

As more states have imposed mandatory closings of restaurant dining areas, delivery and take out orders have been the most rewarding option for foodservice establishments. Offering free delivery on all orders is a great way for your restaurant to give back to your community and creates an extra incentive for new customers to place an order.

Advertise your free delivery deal on all food delivery platforms to create visibility. Offering free delivery on all orders or through certain times of the day might be what sets your restaurant apart from the competition. As potential customers are scrolling through their apps, your restaurant’s free delivery deal is attention-grabbing and exactly what they’re looking for. Constantly updating your business’ social media platforms with brand new offers and deals is key in keeping your customer base.

2. Buy One, Get One Free

Another way to incentivize potential customers into making an order is by creating a “buy one, get one free” promotion. You can start by selecting options from your menu of equal value, providing free dessert, or offering complementary sides or appetizers with entrees. While many other foodservice establishments could already be offering deals like free delivery, this kind of offer might be overlooked by your competitors. Coming up with unique deals like a BOGO option is a great way to create demand and drive sales amongst potential customers.

Businesses across the nation have been incorporating deals like this and have seen great results, like an increase in visibility, new customers, and sales. Potential customers are always looking for the best offers they can find, so it’s important to create a deal they simply can’t refuse. For new or existing customers, specials like free appetizers and sides or two entrees for the price of one are irresistible. Taking the initiative to make your meals affordable is a great way to show that your business is being sensitive to the situations people might be facing during times of crisis.

3. Free Drink With Every Order

Offering a free drink with every delivery or take out order placed at your foodservice establishment is a great way to increase sales. Restaurants who are known for their specialty beverages might want to take advantage of promoting a deal like this. Customers who are constantly coming into your restaurant or cafe for their favorite drinks will appreciate seeing an offer like this when they go to place an order. For customers new to your foodservice establishment, offering a free drink with their order is a great incentive.

DIY Cocktails

If you own a bar or offer alcoholic beverages at your restaurant, consider creating DIY cocktail kits for your customers. This special option will satisfy customers who are simply missing their favorite boozy beverages while adding a fun interactive activity for them to do while isolated at home. Plus, it's a great branding opportunity for your business to come up with unique deals that cater to customer’s needs. Be sure to create ads all over social media platforms to ensure that your customers are aware of your upcoming deals.

4. Family-Sized Bundles

Perfect for family-friendly foodservice establishments, bring comfort to your customer’s homes with deals fit for the whole family. Analyze your menu and create a variety of full-course pairings filled with a sizable amount of food that can be shared amongst 4-5 people. As grocery stores struggle to keep shelves stocked, families are in need of quick and easy dinner solutions during this time. Your foodservice establishment can help out by offering family-sized bundles that are both budget-friendly and delicious.

Creating family-sized meal options opens your customer base up to those looking to order for multiple groups of people or those who want their meals to last them a bit longer. When putting together family bundles, keep in mind that an affordable price point and discount is what potential customers are currently valuing the most. By arranging discounted meal bundles, your business is creating a deal that caters to customers looking for affordable and delicious ways to feed their families or friends.

5. Spend $15, Save $5

Meet your customers halfway by providing them with an extra discount while they spend. Food delivery platforms already have a limit to how much money a customer has to spend before they order, so providing a discount on their meals is the perfect way to create an eye-catching offer potential customers will stop scrolling for. Look through your menu prices to find a discount that works for your business and your customers. A great way to drive sales for your foodservice establishment would be to promote this discount during the busiest hours your restaurant typically sees in your day-to-day operations.

Why Should Your Business Promote Deals?

As always, the more visibility your deals gain, the more business and overall sales your restaurant will see. Sending out promotions or personalized ads for your customers through social media platforms keeps your community informed on the adjustments your business is currently making while facing the COVID-19 crisis. The great thing about community is that so many people are willing to support their favorite spots to eat during this time. Providing deals and discounts on delivery orders is a great way to show that your business is being mindful and supportive of your customers during this time.

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