5 Ways To Increase Your Grab-And-Go Sales

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Customers are constantly on the go. There has been an increased demand for grab-and-go food items to meet the needs of busy consumers. Patrons no longer have time to dine at restaurants and grab-and-go operations provide customers with the convenience they’re looking for. They’re able to quickly pick up a sandwich, slice of pizza, or smoothie and go on with their day.

In order to run a successful grab-and-go program, it’s essential to attract new patrons and create a loyal customer base. You can easily boost your business’s traffic by properly packaging your offerings and neatly displaying them in cases. We’ve created a detailed list of the 5 ways you can increase food sales at your business and provide guests with a seamless grab-and-go experience.

1. Choose The Right Packaging

Fresh and tasty dishes are essential for any grab-and-go operation. However, what will set your business apart from competitors is the grab-and-go food packaging that you use. Customers eat with their eyes and using the right packaging will increase the perceived value of your products. To make your drinks or dishes look enticing, package them with containers that have the following features.

Clear Finish

Packaging grab-and-go items in a container that doesn’t provide customers with the ability to view the product inside will negatively impact your sales. While you may have a picture of the meal throughout your establishment or on the container, most patrons will only purchase a dish that they can actually see. They want to ensure that grab-and-go items look fresh, flavorful, and meet their expectations.

Most customers walk into your grab-and-go operation because they are looking to satisfy their hunger. Packaging meals in containers that feature a clear finish or transparent window instantly elevates the aesthetics of your grab-and-go items. The freshness and colors of your fresh juices, salads, baked goods, and other offerings will be the center of attention which increases the chances of guests making an impulse purchase.


Whether you offer grab-and-go food or drinks at your foodservice establishment, package products in tamperproof juice bottles, containers, or sticker seals. Tamperproof packaging allows your customers to quickly identify if a product has been previously opened or tampered with and provides them with peace of mind when making a purchase. Proving to patrons that your business is taking extra precautions to ensure that your offerings are sealed and safe helps you build a loyal customer base.

Tamperproof packaging creates an airtight seal that prevents oxygen from entering containers or bottles. Securely sealing your grab-and-go offerings preserves their freshness which helps extend their shelf life and minimize waste at your operation.

2. Label Products

Adding food and drink labels to products enhances your establishment’s organization. Labels prevent employees from mixing up foods and allow customers to easily recognize the difference between each meal option in a display.

Labeling grab-and-go products also prevent customers from making unnecessary contact with other containers. Patrons will be able to read the list of ingredients of a sub or dessert which eliminates the need for them to open and sort through ready-to-eat meals.

3. Neatly Package Items

When packaging food to display in your grab-and-go cases, it’s essential not to overlook the presentation of meals. Although customers may be in a hurry and are looking for a quick bite, they are not likely to make a purchase if the food inside a container is not neatly arranged. Patrons expect meals to have the same quality and appearance as they would if they were dining at a restaurant.

To capture the eye of first-time customers that walk into your grab-and-go operation, package meals similar to how you would plate a dish. Neatly arrange the meal in the container and add any garnishes that help enhance their visual aspect. Feel free to come up with innovative ways to package grab-and-go meals to give them a personalized touch and create a great first impression on guests.

4. Organize Display Cases

When a new customer walks into your operation, they are unaware of where your grab-and-go ham and cheese wraps or lemonades are located. This can be frustrating for patrons, especially if they are in a hurry. To provide customers with a seamless shopping experience, it’s essential to find ways to keep displays organized and make items easily accessible.

Neatly Display Items

When displaying grab-and-go items on display counters or refrigerated cases, stock similar items together. For example, if your operation offers guests to-go juices, teas, and smoothies, placing them in the same refrigerated case or near each other allows guests to quickly locate your drink offerings. They will not need to travel from one side of the store to the other in order to view your offerings and decide on the beverage they want. Organizing your products in zones creates a cohesive look and ensures that guests are in and out of your establishment.

Additionally, when shelves aren’t fully stocked, a simple way to eliminate the look of empty shelves is by facing or blocking grab-and-go items. This creates the perception that cases are filled with fresh food and drink options. Facing shelves keeps products organized and easily accessible which helps enhance the overall look of your foodservice establishment.

Thoroughly Clean Cases

Your products may be neatly packaged and organized in display cases. However, many patrons are concerned about an establishment’s sanitation practices and won’t feel comfortable purchasing food from an operation with dirty cases. To thoroughly clean your food cases and ensure that your business meets the sanitary standards of your customers, follow this step-by-step process when cleaning cases:

Interior Cleaning

  1. Remove grab-and-go items from the case
  2. Unplug cords for the case
  3. Remove shelves, shelf supporters, doors, and other removable parts in the case
  4. Wash all the removable parts with warm soapy water and allow them to dry
  5. Clean the inside of the unit with warm soapy water and allow it to dry
  6. Place the parts you remove back into the unit
  7. Plug cords back in
  8. Restock the products

Exterior Cleaning

  1. Wipe down glass with a window cleaner
  2. Clean the exterior with warm soapy water and wipe it down with a lint-free cloth

5. Track Your Sales

Develop a sheet that allows you to easily keep track of the sales and waste percentages for each grab-and-go item. Staying up-to-date with your inventory will help you figure out which products aren’t selling and affecting your grab-and-go program’s profit. When you discover that a particular product isn’t consistently selling, order less of that product or simply remove it from your inventory. While it may be difficult to remove an item from your shelf because you enjoy offering customers a wide variety of products, you’ll instantly see an increase in your net profit.

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