Charcuterie platters have always been traditionally enjoyed during holidays and special occasions, but in recent years charcuterie has gained popularity and transformed into many iterations inspired by the classic spread. The charcuterie craze doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Instead, charcuterie platters are expanding and taking on new forms as a new charcuterie trend seems to emerge each month. Whether you prefer a spread of meats and cheeses or a variety of baked goods and candies, the combination of food possibilities and the variety of ways they can be served is limitless.

Additionally, charcuterie has turned into a mainstream food choice that is no longer restricted to large, special events. As the demand for accessible charcuterie has risen, so has the way in which it is offered for delivery and packaged for individuals. Continue reading to find out the most popular ways charcuterie is being served in a single-serve way.

What Is Single-Serve Charcuterie?

The word charcuterie derives from a French term that means a spread of prepared meats. Single-serve charcuterie is a phrase referring to a smaller portion of charcuterie that is suitable for one individual. Single-serve charcuterie ensures that everyone at an event has their own personal-sized charcuterie to nibble on. Though charcuterie only refers to meats, in current times, charcuterie platters and boxes are typically served alongside an assortment of cheeses, crackers, nuts, and other accoutrements.

7 Types of Single-Serve Charcuterie

Along with the variety of charcuterie ideas that have been created, so have the variety of names that are synonymous with the famous spread. A charcuterie box may also be referred to as a graze box which is a combination of a charcuterie board and a cheese board. No matter what you like to call it, everyone can agree that charcuterie is here to stay. Here is a list of 7 ways to package your single-serve charcuterie for an event or on the go.

1. Charcuterie Boxes

Take out boxes allow customers to enjoy charcuterie on the go. Whether they’re ordering a platter for delivery or taking it to an event, take out boxes provide the easiest way to mimic the traditional look of a charcuterie board. You can weave a variety of meats and cheeses together and garnish with rosemary or an edible flower to finish off the look of individual charcuterie boards. Wooden take out boxes give an authentic nod to a traditional charcuterie board and neutral-colored paper containers are great for keeping the focus on the vibrant meats and cheeses inside. Most take out boxes provide enough space for adding mini jars of honey or jam to complement the flavors and securely seal in food during deliveries.

2. Charcuterie Cones

Food cones provide an easy way to serve individual portions of charcuterie in a handheld way. Ideal for catered events, such as weddings and corporate parties, charcuterie cones act as a great appetizer all-in-one cone. You can add an assortment of cheeses, meats, and fruits in a cone which guarantees everyone at the event is able to enjoy their personal portions while promoting a sanitary environment.

3. Charcuterie Boats

Similar to food cones, food serving boats can be used as another vessel for serving individual portions of charcuterie. They offer a wider area to accommodate additional garnishes like olives and nuts. Food boats can easily be held while walking around parties or set on tables while mingling with others. Many single-use food boats are made from paper or wood to provide a similar feel to conventional charcuterie boards and can be easily disposed of after use.

4. Charcuterie Cups

Transform the popular jarcuterie trend, which typically includes glass jars, into an easy-to-use and easy-to-dispose container with disposable cups. Cups made from pinewood or plastic emulate the shape and size of typical mason jars but remove the added cleanup after events. These cups are just as functional as they are delicious by providing guests with their own personal-sized charcuterie board in a cup.

5. Charcuterie Cocktail Glasses

Add a fun twist to individual portions of charcuterie by serving them in disposable cocktail glasses. Cocktails are the next best thing to charcuterie so combining everyone’s two favorite aspects of happy hour is sure to be a crowdpleaser. Make sure to choose cocktail glasses with wide bowls, like martini, margarita, or wine glasses, to have enough space to fill up each glass with plenty of cheeses, meats, and fruits.

6. Charcuterie Skewers

Get all of the flavors from a charcuterie board in one bite with disposable skewers. Not only are they conveniently portable and disposable, but most feature a unique design to upgrade the look of passed apps. Simply add a single piece of meat, cheese, and other desired accompaniments to create your perfect bite-sized charcuterie.

7. Charcuterie Mini Jars & Cups

Complete the flavor profile of your refined cheeses and meats by packaging complementary accoutrements with your charcuterie servings. Mini jars are great for containing honey, jams, and mustards while mini cups are perfect for holding homemade spreads, nuts, and olives. These flavor-enhancing accompaniments upgrade the taste of your charcuterie while also upgrading your charcuterie packaging.