Recycling Paper

Recycling Paper

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Recycling Paper is Vital to a Sustainable Environment

From the very beginning of paper, inventors made it from recycled materials. Specifically, a Chinese innovator first created paper from already-used materials, including hemp, decades ago. Among other materials, paper is widely known to be recyclable, and continuing to recycle paper products only makes sense because it began as recycled materials. We continue to recycle paper because it helps save resources, energy, our atmosphere, and our landfills. At Restaurantware, we strive to offer our customers eco-friendly options, and all of our paper products are recyclable. Thus, they have a lesser impact on our environment when they are recycled properly.

Paper is a green alternative to using many other disposables, such as polystyrene foam, also known as Styrofoam. Styrofoam takes longer to breakdown, and is more difficult and costly to recycle. Thus, Styrofoam tableware is very hard on the environment and the atmosphere. Paper is one of the most recycled materials around the world. Since paper is widely used in many industries, recycling it reduces the amount of nonrenewable resources used. Recycling also helps conserve energy that would otherwise be used to create new paper. Just think about the amount of resources we could save if we recycled paper -- it’s everywhere. Paper is used in banks, grocery stores, doctor’s offices, restaurants, and in every other industry. If we could use and reuse all of the resources we already have, then we could minimize our carbon footprint drastically.

Just like how paper is popular all over the world, our paper tableware is very popular. We are proud that each will be recycled to make more stunning paper products. Paper is a versatile material, and its eco-friendliness is just a plus. Our paper products come in various colors, designs, and styles, so you can surely present your foods in a green fashion. Since our paper products are disposable, they make cleaning up easy even after big events. Recycling is a green alternative to just throwing these products away, so you can feel good about what happens to your paper tableware after you and your customers are done with it.

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Recycling Restaurantware paper helps our environment

Recycling paper is easy and effective

Most paper used in the world is, in fact, recycled. Our products shouldn’t be any different – they belong in a recycling center to be made into another item after they leave your tables. This reduces your and our carbon footprints because recycling reduces waste and pollution. We want to make sure that the entire lifecycle of our paper products leaves you, your customers, and our planet happy. So we want you to enjoy using our paper products in your venue, but we also want you to be conscious of our environment as well. So, recycling paper is the answer. There are three main reasons recycling is better for our environment than creating entirely new products: conservation of energy, reduced use of resources, and less greenhouse gas emission.

Conserving Energy

Energy is precious in today’s world, because continuing to use it at alarming rates will only lead to an unsustainable society. In other words, we may use up all of the resources we have, and our future generations will suffer because of it. So we need to work on becoming more sustainable so we can live off of the planet we live on for centuries to come. We depend on energy to live daily, so it’s scary to think that we may run out one day. With the way we use it now, that devastating thought may become a reality. However, we can take measures to prevent this by finding cleaner energy and reducing our use of nonrenewable energy. Recycling paper takes far less energy than making it from scratch. Thus, if we recycle then we save energy that could be used for other necessities.

Reduce Consumption

The whole point of recycling is to reuse resources and to reduce the need to use more than needed. Paper is made from trees that can take years to mature. Thus, recycling paper reduces the amount of trees we have to cut down. This saves the ecosystems of our forests, which can preserve lives of many animals. Additionally, paper can be recycled multiple times, so if we recycle as much as we can, we can save many resources. Thus, recycled paper can be the start of a more sustainable world because we would make sure to use the trees we cut down as much as possible. If we continue to be careless about our resource use, then we may have huge problems in the future.

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Greenhouse gases are detrimental to our atmosphere, especially our ozone layer. Cutting down trees and making new paper produces more greenhouse gases than recycling paper does. Thus, if we recycled more paper than we created, we would reduce our carbon footprint tremendously. Greenhouse gases are already a huge problem for our planet because they stay in our atmosphere and force the earth to warm up. This unnatural change destroys habitats and endangers many plant and animal species. Although many companies aim to reduce their greenhouse gas emittance, levels are still rising globally. If we strive to recycle more resources, rather than creating products from raw, our impact on the atmosphere would lower immensely.

Paper is an essential in the restaurant industry. We use it for menus, napkins, plates, and many more necessities. Since we use paper so often, we have the power to change the paper industry by recycling all that we can. This will help stabilize our world, and we won’t have to worry about future generations dealing with our aftermath. The best attribute of our paper collection is that you don’t have to sacrifice quality or beauty for eco-friendliness. Our paper products are still made with premium materials, so they are still beautiful and functional. We make sure that all of our paper products are vibrantly colored and designed, so they add flair to any venue. Your customers will love our fun, stylish paper plates. cones, napkins, and other products.

At Restaurantware, we strive to bring you the highest quality and gorgeous tableware available. We know that disposables make your life easier, so we strive to bring you disposable tableware that is easy for your customers, easy on your wallet, and easy on the planet. Ordering our paper products is also easy, because you can order them online or by phone and they will be delivered right to your door. So, don’t waste another second -- decorate your tables with our paper collection today.