PLA Compostable Plastic Guide

PLA Compostable Plastic Guide

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PLA is the Answer to Infamous Plastic Problems

Plastic has gained a bad reputation in the environmentalist world because although it is recyclable, many of these products find their way into our landfills. With the amount of plastics clogging up our waste centers along with the amount that people still use daily, many companies push towards eliminating plastic altogether. However, there’s a different kind of plastic coming to the rescue – polyactic acid (PLA).

PLA plastic is corn-based, instead of abusing crude oil, a nonrenewable resource. PLA is vastly different than ordinary plastic. Using petroleum for regular plastics has a devastatingly negative effect on the environment. Since PLA is made from corn, a renewable resource, its carbon footprint is many sizes smaller than more common plastics. The process of making PLA plastic is also less detrimental on the environment because it produces less waste and pollution.

Restaurantware PLA is also very eco-friendly after it’s used and disposed because these products are biodegradable. Unlike regular plastics, PLA can breakdown by using water, CO2, and other means. This process doesn’t leave any harsh waste. So, using PLA plastic reduces the amount of pollutants that enter our ecosystems. We offer every table’s basic necessities in our wonderful PLA plastic – disposable utensils. Restaurantware has PLA compostable forks, knives, spoons, and mini spoons.

PLA Cold Cups

Biodegradable PLA Cold Cups

PLA Cold Cups

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Biodegradable PLA Deli Cold Cups

PLA Deli Cold Cups

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Biodegradable PLA Cold To Go

PLA Cold To Go

Reduce your carbon footprint with Restaurantware PLA flatware

Restaurantware PLA Plastic is Perfect for Caterers

p class="description">Catering businesses can easily product large amounts of waste from running one big event especially if the company uses disposable flatware. Each person at every event uses multiple disposable forks, spoons, and knives throughout the wedding, banquet, or other event. More than likely, each person uses more than just one of the different utensils. If even a fraction of those products don’t even up in the proper place, these disposables clog up our waste resources. PLA plastic flatware is the answer to this problem, because each PLA utensil is compostable and friendlier to the environment.
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At Restaurantware, we always strive to bring you the eco-friendliest and most fashionable tableware available. Our PLA compostable plastic flatware meets both of our high standards. Each piece is beautifully crafted so they add stylish flair to any table. Your customers will be impressed with the chic look of our PLA plastic flatware. Although this flatware may be plastic, they still bring a modern and sophisticated presence at black-tie affairs. This cutlery can be used in casual events, or more formal gatherings. Although this flatware is mainly made to satisfy green establishments, it can also be an easy alternative to more common plastics.


Our PLA compostable cutlery is very durable, so you won’t have to worry about these breaking while being used by your customers. Each utensil is made out of premium PLA material, so they are not only gorgeous, but they are very strong. We make sure that all of our disposable flatware are durable enough to withstand common table situations. This way you can serve the dishes you want, and know that the disposable and compostable flatware you choose are sturdy and reliable.

Durable Plastic Cups
Versatile plastic cups


Our PLA compostable cutlery are also very versatile among different venues. This cutlery is not only great for catering companies, but it is also a wonderful choice for cafes, restaurants, bars, food trucks, and bakeries. Our PLA cutlery comes in clean white, so it can match any décor. So no matter what event you are a part of or exclusively running, our PLA cutlery is great for any atmosphere.

Restaurantware constantly strives to bring you, our customer, the best options in eco-friendly disposable tableware and flatware. Our PLA cutlery options are not only beautiful, but they are also a very durable and green option. PLA is an innovative alternative to common plastics because it is compostable and made of organic material.

Our PLA products are also very economical. We strive to give you not only the most modern, chic, and eco-friendly tableware, but we also want to make sure our options are affordable for your company. We want you to not only help our planet, but to also make great choice for your business.

No matter if you are hosting a wedding, banquet, restaurant event, or a dinner party, our PLA flatware is the perfect option for you. Your customers will love the look and feel of our compostable flatware, and so will you. Your efforts to go green will also make a lasting impression on your community.

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