Restpresso Black Stainless Steel Coffee Knock Box Drawer - 13 1/2" x 9 3/4" x 3 3/4" - 1 count box

Product Description

Store your espresso grounds in one location using our Restpresso Black Stainless Steel Coffee Knock Box Drawer. Featuring a heavy-duty drawer, this coffee knock box easily opens to collect used espresso grounds and closes to keep unsightly grinds out of sight. This black knock box is equipped with a durable silicone knock bar inside the drawer that reduces noise when knocking out the puck from your portafilter. With a vented design, this knock box drawer increases air flow and prevents condensation, while allowing you to effortlessly sweep coffee grinds into the drawer. The 6 rubber feet on the espresso knock box provide added support when knocking out grounds and protect your countertops from damage. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this black knock box is corrosion-resistant to preserve its exceptional design for long-lasting commercial use. This knock box for espresso grounds features a detachable drawer and knock bar for easy cleaning after service hours. Measuring 13.5 inches in length by 9.75 inches in width by 3.75 inches in height, this black coffee knock box is sold in a 1 count box.

Silicone Knock Bar Included

This coffee knock box includes a silicone knock bar, allowing you to knock out the coffee puck from your portafilter with ease. This knock bar is specially designed to reduce noise levels when hitting the portafilter against the knock bar.

Durable Stainless Steel Avoids Corrosion

Constructed from durable stainless steel, this espresso knock box is designed to support the weight of your heavy espresso coffee grinders and coffee machines. This stainless steel knock box drawer is equipped to withstand everyday use and maintain its beautiful finish.

Equipped With 6 Rubber Feet

This coffee knock box has 6 rubber feet to provide added support when knocking out coffee pucks. Protect your countertops from damages!

Vented Design Avoids Mold

This knock box drawer features a vented design that increases airflow to reduce condensation and mold. Plus, it allows you to easily sweep leftover grinds on the grinder or knock box into the drawer without needing to slide it open.

Detachable Knock Bar & Drawer

The drawer and knock bar can be conveniently detached from the knock box, allowing you to quickly dispose of pucks. Easily clean the knock box, knock bar, and drawer after each use!

Black & Silver Finish Available

This coffee knock box is available in a black and silver finish, allowing you to choose the box that best complements your coffee equipment. No need to make a trip to the garbage can every time you need to knock out spent coffee grounds from your portafilter!

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