The palates of many coffee enthusiasts tend to change with the weather. There are certain coffee flavors that cause individuals to recall specific emotions and memories they have surrounding each passing season. To meet the needs of your customers’ palates and to maximize your business’s profits all year long, we’ve created this informative guide that goes into detail on the best seasonal coffees.

Best Fall Coffee

Many coffee enthusiasts around the world consider autumn the best time of the year to enjoy a cup of coffee. During the fall, the weather starts to cool down which calls for warm coffee. The holiday season is also quickly approaching and many coffee shops brew beverages with seasonal aromas and unique taste blends that incorporate autumn elements. There are a number of unique coffees you can add to your menu to provide guests with the sweet and comforting flavors they enjoy this time of year.

Trending Fall Coffee Drinks

  • Pumpkin spice latte provides your customers with a distinct pumpkin flavor that is sweet and spicy.
  • Pumpkin pie latte is a sweeter version of the popular pumpkin spice coffee. Similar to a pumpkin pie, this drink doesn’t have any spices and is perfect to enjoy as a dessert.
  • Pumpkin chai latte includes maple syrup or honey and is spicier than the classic pumpkin spice latte.
  • Apple cider latte features the sweetness of cider and bitterness of coffee.
  • Caramel maple latte combines the sweet flavors of caramel with the rich flavors of maple syrup.
  • Caramel apple latte allows coffee lovers to enjoy the sweetness and creaminess of caramel apples in a warm beverage.

Best Winter Coffee

On a cold winter day, your customers are looking to enjoy a warm cup of coffee to keep their hands and bodies warm. While some patrons just want to drink a classic espresso or latte to keep themselves warm, many coffee lovers are looking to enjoy a cup of coffee that reminds them of their favorite winter holiday. Winter features a variety of unique coffees that complement the flavors of meals and desserts served during this time of year.

Trending Winter Coffee Drinks

  • Gingerbread latte features the sweetness of sugar and the spiciness of ginger. This warm beverage tastes like a gingerbread cookie which is one of the most popular cookies during winter.
  • Peppermint mocha is extremely popular in December because the flavors of peppermint get coffee drinkers in the mood for Christmas. This refreshing beverage is sweet and bitter.
  • Eggnog latte is similar to the conventional eggnog beverage but includes espresso.
  • S’more latte is many of your patrons’ favorite childhood drink on a cold night. This sweet drink features chocolate, toasted marshmallows, and graham crackers just like a traditional s’more.
  • Winter spice latte includes coffee, brown sugar, cloves, cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, and orange which combines all the popular winter flavors in one cup.

Best Spring Coffee

During the spring, some days are hot and sunny while other days are cool and rainy. Due to the unpredictable weather this time of year, coffee shops like to expand their menu and include hot and iced coffee. Cafes also like to offer a variety of unique coffee flavors to satisfy their customers’ cravings depending on their mood. Below is a list of the best spring coffees that provide your patrons with the sweet and soothing comfort they look for when enjoying coffee.

Trending Spring Coffee Drinks

  • Café con miel is a Spanish coffee that includes vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Many coffee shops include a hint of lavender or blueberry to give the drink a spring feel.
  • Lavender latte gives the classic latte a lavender essence that is soothing and complements the floral notes of coffees.
  • Espresso cortado is a light drink that goes down smoothly and can be enjoyed on a chilly morning or sunny afternoon.
  • Iced americano features water, espresso, and ice to provide espresso lovers an enjoyable way to cool down on a warm day.
  • Sea salt iced coffee features a hint of salt that helps cut down on the bitterness of coffee to highlight the other flavors in the drink.

Best Summer Coffee

Your customers are looking for ways to beat the summer heat and quench their thirst while giving their palates something to enjoy. This calls for foodservice establishments to add iced coffees to their menus that feature unique and refreshing flavors. It can be challenging to figure out which coffee flavors your customers enjoy most on a hot day which is why we’ve created a list of the best summer coffee drinks.

Trending Summer Coffee Drinks

  • Cafe affogato provides coffee drinkers with a tasty dessert to enjoy on a summer afternoon. This dessert coffee is a scoop of ice cream with espresso.
  • Vanilla iced coffee is a summertime coffee staple every year that showcases the floral notes of coffee and vanilla.
  • Lemonade iced coffee features lemon juice and coffee to quench your guests’ thirst like a traditional glass of lemonade.
  • Mint mojito iced coffee consists of fresh mint, sugar, ice, and coffee. It’s a sweet and creamy drink that helps refresh coffee lovers.
  • Iced horchata latte is simply a horchata that includes a shot or two of espresso. This drink is creamy and sweet to satisfy your customers’ dessert cravings.