Why use Restaurantware Porcelain?

Why use Restaurantware Porcelain?

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Porcelain is a stunning alternative to tableware

Reusable tableware has a special place in many different establishments. Whether a company is aiming to reduce their overall waste, or wants to give their customers higher quality tableware, Restaurantware’s porcelain collection is the best choice available today.

Not only do we think our porcelain collection is the best around, but many of our customers think so as well. Porcelain is one of the best options for many important reasons. Specifically, the quality, variety, versatility, convenience, affordability and eco-friendliness of Restaurantware porcelain outshine other elite tableware. Restaurantware porcelain is made of the highest quality clay material. We ensure that every piece is specifically made not only to be gorgeous, but to also be resilient. Our porcelain is beautifully crafted to make the best impression on every guest. Everyone will know the care and thought that went into choosing the perfect tableware for your restaurant or event just by the feel and look our our porcelain collection.

Each porcelain bowl, cup, spoon, and plate is carefully made to ensure they are the highest quality. We have a specific process to make each porcelain piece so they are smooth, pretty, and durable. We craft our porcelain pieces diligently to provide our customers with top-of-the-line, elegant tableware. Our porcelain is made of the finest clay, and is carefully heated in kilns to create the beautiful finish. Each porcelain bowl, cup, spoon, and plate The premium material ensures that each porcelain product has the consistent clean, white allure that mesmerizes anyone who uses them.

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Celebrate luxury with Restaurantware porcelain


We also offer a wide variety of porcelain tableware, and our selections ensure that your table will be phenomenal. In our collection, we have many standard plates, bowls, and cups so that you can be sure to stock up on the necessities. However, for the more adventurous, we also carry many unusual options that give your settings more personality. Our range of porcelain allows you to mix-and-match while also staying consistent in material. We have porcelain pieces specifically made to serve various courses. We have porcelain that would be perfect for pancakes, salad, macaroni, burgers, tarts, and other dishes. The clean slate of our pure white porcelain provides the ideal surface for chefs to present vibrant foods, and to even carefully plate foods. Our porcelain tableware showcases every color, design, and texture of your culinary masterpiece for the world to see. At Restaurantware, we know that you spend countless hours meticulously creating dishes for your customers, so we want to take the stress out of choosing the perfect tableware by offering you a simple way to bring porcelain into your venue.


Porcelain tableware is an impeccable choice for any atmosphere. Whether you are part of a five-star hotel, busy casino, popular catering business, small brunch cafe, or a rustic coffee shop, our porcelain collection can add either a classy or elegant touch to venues of all sorts. Restaurantware porcelain tableware can be used for events with thousands of people or chic local bistros. We also have different styles of porcelain so you can adhere to many themes while keeping this lavish tableware. Our porcelain collection includes smallware that matches many themes including nautical, royal, rustic, modern, and vintage. We also have one-of-a-kind styles made for specific appetizers, entrees, and desserts. For instance, our rectangular olive plates perfectly display olives and other similar dishes. We also have cocktail bowls for serving multiple snacks at once.


Although many believe that using reusable tableware instead of disposables is not as convenient, our porcelain tableware proves that wrong. Since they are reusable, our porcelain tableware requires cleaning after each use. However, unlike some porcelain, our collection is dishwasher-safe. Thus, you can save hours of your time, especially if serving a large crowd, by not hand-washing each piece. Our porcelain is also convenient because they are microwave- and oven-safe. Thus, you can eliminate a step in presentation if you can bake treats directly into our porcelain tableware. Since you cannot do this with many disposable tablewares, our porcelain collection is more convenient in certain scenarios. Porcelain is also reusable, so using this tableware eliminates the need to reorder tableware every few weeks or months.

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Our porcelain, compared to other wholesalers, is affordable, so you don’t have to sacrifice style for your budget. This collection is made out of premium material, but we try to make it as economical as possible while not forfeiting fashion. We know your budget is important to your business, and we try to help. Also, since our porcelain products are reusable, you will not have to continually purchase as much as you would for disposable tableware. Thus, when you use our porcelain tableware multiple times over the course of one year, you save a vast amount of money than if you constantly used and purchased disposable tableware.

At Restaurantware, we don’t sell a product unless we know that it’s friendly to our planet. Our porcelain is produced in a way that doesn’t add as many excessive pollutants into the air compared to many other porcelain productions. We try to simplify our process so it is friendlier to our environment.

When we reduce our carbon footprint, so do you when you purchase our tableware. Reusable tableware, such as porcelain, is naturally more eco-friendly because it reduces the waste in our landfills. Although you may use more water when cleaning these products, with high-quality dishwashing equipment available today, not as much water is wasted. And with less in landfills, it definitely evens out.