Restaurantware has a variety of drink ware products so you can choose which best fits your drink and your event. Our plastic cups add the perfect touch of elegance to any setting. We have different styles and colors, so we have the perfect product for you no matter the event. Not only do we have drinking cups, but we also have specialty cocktail glasses, juice bottles, cafe cups, and more. These disposables are the perfect option when you want to have shatter-free drinkware at your event.

Our plastic drinking cups are very versatile, so you can serve your lemonade, water, soda, and more with ease. You can choose from a variety of colors including clear, white, black, and seagreen. We also have great martini, wine, champagne, and cocktail glasses to serve your specialty drinks. Plastic glasses are the perfect alternative to glass since they do not shatter when they are dropped which reduces the risk of injury at your business.

In addition to our drinking cups, martini glasses, and wine glasses, we also have many sizes and styles of juice bottles. These are perfect for any shop, cafe, or hotel looking to service specialty juices to their customers. We have different styles and sizes to fit your needs. We have many different plastic disposables that can fit your needs no matter which industry you're in. Our disposables are convenient, affordable, and recyclable so they are the best choice in the business.