Guide to Wood Tableware

Guide to Wood Tableware

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How is wood eco-friendly?

At Restaurantware, we strive to provide the eco-friendliest tableware available. We carefully choose which materials to use to ensure that not only our carbon footprint is small, but so are our customers’. We also try to offer many different options, because we know that every establishment is unique. Thus, as an alternative to bamboo disposables, we also offer many wood options.

We know that wood has a bad reputation as a green and sustainable resource. However, this is why we researched which woods were easier resources on our planet, and only offer products made out of a limited variety of trees. Although many prefer bamboo disposables for their more rustic look, our wood products are more affordable for a low budget. Also, if you are catering to a big event, purchasing wood tableware won’t be as detrimental economically when serving thousands of people.

Although wood tableware is more economical, they are still a fashionable and modern choice. Our wood resources come from three main trees: pine, poplar, and birch. Each source is more sustainable than other species. We have specific reasons to use three tree types.

Wood Plates

Eco-friendly Wood Plates

Wood Plates

Wood Cups

Eco-friendly Wood Cups

Wood Cups

Wood Boats

Eco-friednly Wood Boats

Wood Boats

Restaurantware wooden tableware is an eco-friendly and affordable choice.


Pine is a versatile and sustainable resource because it grows more quickly than other tree species. Thus, using pine as a source for material isn’t as detrimental as if we used other, slower-growing trees. Pine is also one of the most durable tree species, and this is why it is used often in construction and furniture. Unlike other woods, pinewood naturally has a smooth and gorgeous finish, so making tableware from this material only makes sense. Each pinewood product has a light, natural wooden look and adds character to any atmosphere. Guests will love the feel of this resilient material. Pinewood tableware is very sturdy, so you won’t have to worry about these plates, bowls, cups, or boats wilting or falling apart. We make many boats, cups, plates, stands, and cones out of poplar wood.


Poplar is gaining more popularity as a resource every day because of its sustainability potential. Poplar trees grow very rapidly, and they aren’t small trees. Thus, they can provide a good amount of lumber in a relatively short period of time. This is why many are funding and looking into using poplar timber to create new sources of biofuel. Due to the eco-friendliness of the material, we only thought it made sense to offer sustainable poplar tableware. All of our poplar products are made sturdy enough to handle many kinds of dishes. We make a variety of plates and fry pocket sleeves out of poplar.


Birch wood is not easily exhausted as a material resource because it does not take long for this species of tree to mature. Thus, like poplar and pine, you can get more birch resources relatively quickly. Birch wood has a very smooth surface, so the end tableware is gorgeous. This wood is also naturally very durable, so it is resistant to breaking. This is why we use birch to create wooden flatware. We rely on this material to support the most basic necessities on any table -- forks, knives, and spoons. Due to the stylishness of the natural wood, we also offer modern styles to make this flatware the most fashionable available.

Wooden tableware is friendly to the environment

Each of our wooden tableware products are 100% organic and biodegradable. No matter what tree species each is made from, it is made from all-natural materials. This reduces the amount of chemicals that not only goes into our tableware, but also into our atmosphere. Additionally, because they are organic, the amount of chemicals dispensed into the ground when these products decompose is also reduced. This limits their effect on ecosystems throughout the entire tableware life cycle.

Wood Cones and Cone Stands

Table Displays

Wood Cutlery

You can be sure that when you use our wooden tableware that you and your company will be making an eco-friendly and economical choice. If you try our wood products out once, they will not disappoint you.

Our wood tableware is the perfect way to add rustic flair to any establishment, while also finding it easy to stick to a limited budget. We also have many different wooden products, so you can easily match your pieces and keep your theme consistent.

Wooden disposable tableware is becoming more common internationally. These products give specific character to tablescapes, and would be the perfect addition to your hotel, bar, catering business, bakery, or other establishment.

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