Create classic cocktail presentations using our Sumi collection of beverage glasses. Our selection of high-quality rocks glasses adds a refined feel to your bar, restaurant, or catered event. Expertly crafted with machine-blown glass, our drinking glasses are the ideal lightweight, upscale option for serving drinks at your establishment.

Designed with crystal clear visibility, our variety of drinking glasses are perfect for showing off colorful cocktails or rich liquors. The slender sides and flat base create a contemporary silhouette to complement beverages. Our beverages glasses provide superior stability on every surface to avoid spills. Our rocks glasses are tempered to be break-resistant and extremely long-lasting to withstand frequent use without the risk of damaging glasses.

Luxurious, lightweight, and sleek, our Sumi collection of drinking glasses is the perfect addition to your hotel, bar, or restaurant. Available in several sizes, easily mix up an array of stunning cocktails and refreshing drinks with our selection of beverage glasses.

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