Easily wipe off crumbs and stains with our Luxenap collection. Each of our napkins is available in a variety of colors and designs such as white, burgundy, blue, brown, black, picnic print, and vintage patterns. All of our Luxenap napkins are made out of premium paper or air laid paper which is soft and absorbent for wiping away messes on surfaces and hands.

Our cocktail napkins are the perfect size for doubling as coasters for drinks or serving appetizers. Perfect for keeping cutlery in place while on the table, our kangaroo napkins are designed with a pouch to store utensils. To refresh customers after a meal, offer our moist towelettes which have a lavender, cucumber, aloe, tangerine, or peach scent. Our tablet towels offer space-saving storage in tablet form and are easily transformed into towels by simply adding water.

A selection of our paper napkins is finely threaded to add texture and give them a high-end look. Choose from our 2-ply or 3-ply disposable napkins for extra absorbency when cleaning up after spilled drinks at a bar, restaurant, or catered event. To enhance your place settings, some of our Luxenap napkins have embossed micropoint detailing for an elegant appearance.

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