It’s no secret that high-quality food packaging is the perfect way to impress customers when they order take out or delivery meals from your restaurant. However, high-quality food packaging doesn’t mean it can’t be eco-friendly. Although typical food packaging is usually made with foam or non-recyclable plastics, eco-friendly packaging is the perfect sustainable alternative. If incorporating earth-friendly choices into your foodservice establishment has been a long-time goal for your business, choosing eco-friendly food packaging is a great place to start.

Whether you’ve always had a delivery service incorporated into your business plan or are just starting to package take out orders at your restaurant, eco-friendly food packaging is the ideal option for your business. Available in all sorts of styles, sizes, and materials, eco-friendly food packaging is durable, dependable, and leaves a lasting impression on customers. Better for your business and earth, you can never go wrong with eco-friendly packaging.

How To Choose Eco-Friendly PackagingSushi in take-out container

Making the switch to eco-friendly packaging at your restaurant can seem daunting at first, but it is much easier than you think. Start by taking a look at the current take out supplies you are using at your establishment. Depending on the kinds of food items you are serving customers, certain styles of food packaging are more fitting than others.

Smaller individualized food packaging is great for appetizers and grab-and-go items, while larger clamshell style containers are perfect for entrees and family-sized orders. Clear take out containers are ideal for showing off decorated desserts or artfully presented meals. If your restaurant or food truck is known for beverages, you can even look into eco-friendly cups and cup holders for your customers. To properly package orders with several containers, invest in eco-friendly bags.

Different Kinds Of Eco-Friendly Materials

If you’re looking for a broad selection of eco-friendly food packaging for your restaurant, sticking with the same kind of earth-friendly material in your take out supplies is a great way to maintain a cohesive look. Customers will take into consideration the presentation of their delivery orders, so it's important your food packaging looks great and keeps meals intact and protected during transportation.

No sustainable materials are made the same however and each has their own unique benefits and disadvantages, depending on what you are looking for. Below is a breakdown on the different types of eco-friendly food packaging materials and their features.


Bagasse is made from repurposed sugarcane pulp. Completely compostable and biodegradable, bagasse is the perfect plant-based packaging material. Made by taking the leftover pulp from sugarcane stalks, the pulp is dried and pressed into any desired shape. The production of bagasse is much more sustainable than the production of paper or foam, which involves non-renewable materials and deforestation. Bagasse take out containers are usually bleached or unbleached, for a simple or natural look to your delivery supplies.

Bagasse is naturally grease-resistant and leak-resistant, which is great for keeping saucy or oily foods from creating messes while on the go. Food containers made from bagasse can also resist a range of temperatures, and are naturally microwave-safe and freezer-safe. If your customers are looking for a way to store or reheat their leftovers, bagasse take out supplies are the best fit for your restaurant. Extremely durable and sturdy, bagasse take out containers eliminate the worry of take out boxes falling apart during delivery.

PLA Plastic

Perfect for foodservice establishments looking for transparent take out containers, plant-based plastic is a great eco-friendly alternative to other plastic food containers. One of the most commonly used nature-friendly plastics for food packaging is PLA plastic. PLA plastic is a plant-based bioplastic, derived from cornstarch or tapioca roots and can be commercially composted.

Choosing take out supplies made from eco-friendly plastic is a great option if your restaurant is looking for a natural, simple look for their take out containers. Clear PLA containers offer high visibility and a high-shine finish, which instantly elevates the look of your delivery orders. The durable construction of plant-based plastics makes PLA containers conveniently crack-resistant to keep customer’s orders intact and mess-free during delivery.

Kraft Paper

Made from leftover wood pulp, kraft paper is another great eco-friendly material for food packaging. Although its manufacturing process isn’t as sustainable as other nature-friendly options, kraft paper is completely recyclable and takes advantage of the byproduct of paper production. Kraft paper is ideal for food packaging because it is much stronger than other paper alternatives, which creates a durable and dependable construction. Kraft paper is also produced without harmful bleaches, unlike other paper alternatives. Kraft paper is ideal for restaurants looking for a sustainable and stylish look to their take out supplies. Kraft paper can be easily printed with food-safe dyes to create stunning take out presentations. Choose colors, prints, and styles that match the aesthetic of your foodservice establishment.

If you’re looking for a lightweight, dependable, eco-friendly packaging option, kraft paper is made for your business. Choose kraft paper boxes with grease-resistant linings to safely package saucy foods. Kraft paper is great for all kinds of hot or cold meals, and some containers even include microwave-safe linings for easy reheating. Kraft paper food packaging is often shipped flat and foldable, to save much-needed storage space in your commercial kitchen. If you like to switch out your plastic take out bags for a more eco-friendly option, invest in some kraft paper food bags.


Containers made from fast-growing renewable resources like wood are the perfect sustainable and stylish addition to your take out supplies. Wooden to-go containers are often made from fast-growing materials like poplar wood or bamboo to reduce the environmental impact their production has on the planet. The construction of wooden containers is naturally commercially compostable and biodegradable, to provide customers with an eco-friendly method of disposing empty boxes.

Using wooden containers to package your to-go orders instantly upgrades the look of them. The natural wood tones bring an element of rustic flair to take out presentations, while the use of unique materials in recyclable packaging is a great way to impress customers ordering delivery from your establishment. Look for wooden containers that include grease-resistant and leak-resistant linings to ensure that meals arrive mess-free at customer’s doorsteps.


Make the switch from plastic utensils to sustainably crafted bamboo utensils. If you’re looking for disposable cutlery to include in your delivery orders, there are several bamboo or wood-based utensils to choose from over traditional plastic options. Bamboo is completely biodegradable and sustainably made. Choose bamboo forks, knives, and spoons to complete your take out orders. If you’re looking for single-use utensil sets to impress your customers, choose bamboo flatware sets that are neatly packaged to include all the utensils needed for guests to enjoy their meals.

Eco-Friendly Take Out Bags

Making the switch to eco-friendly take out bags for your restaurants means you have to look beyond containers, utensils, and cups. Packaging orders into eco-friendly take out bags is the perfect way to make delivery orders eco-friendly and easy to carry. Depending on your packaging needs, there are several bag options available. Nature-friendly take out bags are typically made from recyclable materials like paper or non-woven fabrics.

Non-Woven Bags

These take out bags are crafted with entangled fibers or perforating films made from either recyclable materials or plant-based materials. The design creates a net-like structure that securely holds the weight of several containers. The manufacturing process of non-woven bags is nature-friendly as the bags are made with recyclable materials and doesn’t involve a harmful amount of pollution or toxic waste during production. Non-woven bags are lightweight and expandable, yet durable, which makes them a reliable alternative to plastic bags.

Paper Bags

When it comes to paper bags, there are a variety of styles and sizes to choose from to suit your take out packaging needs. Paper to go bags are usually made with recyclable paper or kraft paper. Both are durable and dependable materials that can securely hold delivery orders without the risk of messes or spills. When deciding between paper bags, look for features like handles or unique designs to elevate your take out packaging. Paper bags with handles provide a convenient way to carry meals. Paper bags with foldable edges are great for pre-assembled meals or lunch boxes and can serve as portable meal kits.

Why Make The Switch To Eco-Friendly Packaging?

As customers become more knowledgeable about the environmental impact they have on our planet, they are more likely to judge foodservice establishments on their sustainable practices. Taking steps to make your restaurant nature-friendly is sure to please your customers because they’ll know your business values saving the environment just as much as they do. Eco-friendly packaging is also incredibly stylish and well-made, so your customers can feel like their delivery orders look just as good as the meals they’re about to eat. If you are most concerned about the dependability of your take out supplies, eco-friendly materials are exceptionally durable to keep foods protected and mess-free during delivery.

Eco-friendly packaging is a great investment for your restaurant, especially if you’re looking to become more sustainable but don’t know where to start. Making the switch to nature-friendly take out supplies is as easy as replacing plastic bags with paper ones, or foam containers with bagasse containers.