Flatware sets should always offer versatility, durability, and convenience. These qualities are essential for all types of flatware, cutlery and silverware. That’s why Restaurantware offers only top-quality melamine and bamboo flatware sets to meet all your culinary needs. Our flatware is as eco-friendly as they are practical and sturdy.

Our melamine white Asian soup spoons bring convenient and elegant sophistication to any dish, while offering a scratch and crack-resistant alternative to porcelain or plastic. Perfect for pairing with any Asian-inspired cutlery, these spoons make a charming serving vessel for soups, dumplings, and amuse bouche servings. Our chopstick rests, meanwhile, offer a way to keep your dining area classy and clean while showcasing utensils and bringing rustic elegance to any tablescape. Perfect for any Asian restaurant or other eateries that serve refined cuisine, these utensil rests keep tables uncluttered.

Whatever kind of food you're serving at whatever kind of venue or event, Restaurantware is sure to have the exact flatware set you need for your customers and guests to enjoy.

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