RW Clean Black Plastic Bus Tub - Deep, Easy Grip - 22" x 15 3/4" x 7" - 1 count box

Product Description

Easily transport dishes, pots, or pans with this RW Clean Black Plastic Deep Bus Tub. Equipped with built-in handles, that are comfortable and easy to grip, this black bus tub makes it simple for staff to clear dirty tables and quickly reset your establishment. The crack-resistant plastic construction is designed to stay strong against heavy loads of dirty dinnerware or cookware, while the sleek black finish and low-profile design create a discreet way to bus tables without disturbing your customers. Featuring a large rectangular shape and an extended 7-inch depth, this bus bin provides plenty of room to collect and transport multiple stacks of dirty dishes at once. Each of these commercial-use bus bins measures 22 inches in length by 15.75 inches in width and has a total depth of 7 inches. The inside of this bus tub measures 18.5 inches long by 14.6 inches wide. Pair these deep bus tubs with lids (SKU: RWT0472) to streamline your bussing and cleanup.

secure and easy grip

Reinforced Handles For Transportation

Equipped with built-in handles on the sides, these bus tubs provide an easy and secure grip, allowing for effortless carrying and transportation of items within or outside your foodservice establishment. Streamline your operations and meet the demands of a busy kitchen environment!

spacious storage

Deep Construction To Fit Many Items

These deep commercial bus tubs allow for storing or collecting large quantities of items. They are versatile and suitable for various tasks in commercial kitchens or event settings, making them valuable tools for dish collection from tables or even for food storage.

long-lasting performance

Durable PP Plastic Construction

Made from high-quality PP plastic, these rectangular plastic tubs are built to last while preserving their aesthetic appearance over time. The sturdy construction ensures that they are less likely to break or crack, withstanding regular use.

efficient Cleaning

Dishwasher-Safe At Low Temperatures

After use, simply place these plastic utility tubs in the dishwasher at low temperatures for convenient and efficient cleaning, making them an ideal choice for busy foodservice establishments. Plus, these tubs are also freezable to conveniently store prepped meats or vegetables!

save kitchen space

Stackable When Not In Use

These commercial bus tubs are stackable to fit neatly on top of one another, allowing for organized use of storage space. These tubs help keep clutter to a minimum, reducing the amount of space being taken up.

identify items easily

Available In Various Colors

For enhanced organization, these reusable kitchen tubs come in a gray or white finish to easily identify and assign specific tubs for different purposes. Implement effective color coding systems and keep the business running smoothly!

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Product Specs
Length (Inches)22
Width (Inches)15.7
Height (Inches)7.1
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