Safety is essential in any kitchen. That’s why Restaurantware’s glass fiber and fire-retardant oven mitts are a must-have for any chef and cook. We offer a selection sleek black, white and gray mitts designed for comfort and safety. Our cotton black and gray mitts are designed with a thumb guard and are coated in flame-retardant fibers to keep hands safe from open flames and hot pans. The binding inside each mitt makes them easy to put on, and use in any cooking environment Measuring at 13 inches and 17 inches, each cotton oven mitt is heat resistant up to 250 degrees C (500 degrees F) and machine washable.

Our white glass fiber oven mitts, meanwhile, offer a professional-grade style mitt. This 15-inch oven mitt is coated in glass fiber, giving it heat-resistance of up to 350 degrees C (662 degrees F). The professional grade oven mitt is also non-slip, for maximum safety and efficiency in even the busiest kitchens.

With Restaurant’s sleek fire-resistant and fire-retardant oven mitts, you’ll keep your hands safe, while keeping your kitchen stylish.

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