8 oz Clear Plastic Squeeze Bottle - Precision Tip - 2" x 2" x 7" - 1 count box

Product Description

This 8-ounce condiment bottle can serve a multitude of culinary purposes in a chef's kitchen. While they are mostly known for dispensing ketchup, mustard, and barbeque sauce, this plastic squeeze bottle also serves as a tool for chefs working a grill or hibachi. The precision nozzle allows for cooking oils to be moderately dispensed without any worries of misplacing the bottle cap or spilling over the contents. This sauce bottle is made out of durable high-density plastic that allows the bottle to snap back into its original form, making the contents easier to dispense. Stock a bulk amount of these condiment bottles for both the kitchen and dining area. This squeeze bottle measures at 7 inches in height. Made of clear plastic. You will receive one 8-ounce bottle per purchase.

Great For Sauces

Precision Tip

With a precision tip, these squeeze bottles are perfect for thick sauces such as ranch dressing or mayonnaise. This level of control is particularly valuable when garnishing plates, decorating desserts, or drizzling sauces on dishes.

Keep Bottles Stocked

Sturdy Easy To Fill

The squeeze bottle design makes it effortless to fill with your desired sauce. These bottles have a wide opening that make it convenient to transfer sauces from larger containers.

Multiple Sizes Available

No More Constantly Refilling Bottles

These squirt bottles contain large or small amounts of ketchup, mustard, or olive oil. Don’t worry about having to frequently refill bottles!

See What's Inside

Transparent Finish Displays Sauces

Our clear condiment bottles visibly show the contents inside so you can avoid mixing up sauces. Not to mention, customers will instantly know what's inside each bottle.

Comfortably Dispense Condiments

Flexible Plastic Reduces Hand Fatigue

Made from high-quality plastic, these sauce bottles are flexible to easily squeeze out condiments without straining hands. Plus, they effortlessly snap back into form to maintain their premium look.

Easy To Clean

Compatible With Dishwashers

These squeeze bottles can be put on the top rack of your dishwasher for a quick and simple cleanup. They'll be ready for reuse in no time!

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Product Specs
Capacity8.0 oz
Length (Inches)2
Width (Inches)2
Height (Inches)7
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